Laying the foundations for a successful decking or paving slab project begins with an effective structural support system. Adjustable Support Pedestals are not only a significant stability essential, they also offer a multitude of benefits that will be advantageous to you during installation and throughout the entire lifespan of your decking or paving project and beyond...

Whether you're undertaking a floating deck job, a paving project on your flat roof, terrace or balcony, or you're even creating a free draining area for your green roof - adjustable pedestals are the solution to all your paving and decking dilemmas.

If your decking or paving surface isn't properly supported, you can run into a whole host of issues; from structural weakening to ongoing maintenance problems, longevity concerns and even health and safety risks.

In our latest blog, Roof Giant give you all the robust reasons why every walkway, deck or slab surface absolutely needs the support of our adjustable pedestals. We'll lay out the reasons to buy and shed light on some of the best products and most trusted adjustable pedestal brands on the market, including DD Pedestals, Wallbarn and CMS Tools.

#1. Easy To Install

Assembling your adjustable pedestal system really couldn't be easier thanks to their simple and incredibly accurate design. From paving slab jobs to timber decking projects, you'll have no problem spacing your pedestals across your terrace or roof area, making simple pedestal height adjustments, before slotting your deck joists firmly in place.

Once you're done laying the joists you can make simple micro adjustments - and check everything is level with the help of a long box beam spirit level - ensuring your supporting structure is sturdy, stable and secure.

#2. Solves Sloping Surfaces

Installing your deck on an uneven surface? No problem. Whether you're installing your adjustable pedestal system on a sloping surface to allow for effective water runoff or you're simple trying to accommodate for natural irregularities in your project, our pedestals come with a self-levelling headpiece that allows for straightforward slope correction. These self-levelling heads will instantly compensate any base slope up to 7% - depending on the pedestal brand you opt for.

#3. Millimetre-Precise Adjustability

Once your adjustable support pedestal system is laid out, you'll be able to make incredibly fine adjustments to achieve an exceptionally level and professional-looking deck surface.

#4. Simplifies Maintenance Jobs

An adjustable pedestal support system creates a void between the base surface and the deck or paving you've laid out on top. This cavity will provide convenient access to the underside of your deck for maintenance purposes, repair work, additional adjustments, cleaning, drainage work and to allow a professionals to inspect and gain access to your sub-deck space.

This new area that exists below your deck will also hide unsightly pipework or sprawling outdoor cables without spoiling the look of your attractive new decking area.

#5. Protects Your Underlying Surfaces

Not only will your new under-the-deck pedestal space allow for easy maintenance, it will also prevent problems from occurring in the first place. The pedestal space that exists between the base and the deck will help to protect against moisture buildup and humidity problems - which is essential to consider for decking or paving projects that take place on a roof. Your pedestal substructure will also ensure that the deck is properly ventilated to prevent warping, water damage, rot, mould, deterioration and similar damage that occurs when your deck doesn't have proper airflow.

#6. Highly Durable & Noise-Free

Adjustable pedestals are incredibly tough and hardwearing. Usually manufactured from durable and highly weather resistant polypropylene, once installed you'll have complete peace of mind that your deck's substructure will be stable enough to withstand the rigours of life outdoors. Depending on the brand of pedestal you opt for, your pedestals will give you acid, UV and extreme temperature resistance. But that's not all, our pedestal supports from Wallbarn also come with a rubber anti-shock pad to provide a better grip and to help to insulate against vibration and prevent noise from travelling.

#7. Suitable For A Multitude Of Different Projects

Across our range of pedestals from DD, Wallbarn, CMS Tools or one of our other brands, you'll be able to use these special supports in a variety of different applications, including more complicated structures.

Our pedestals are great for paving and decking jobs, including concrete flags, natural stone slabs, porcelain tiles, timber tiles, aluminium decking, timber decking and composite decking systems. They can also be used in small balconies, city terraces, industrial surfaces, flat roofs, garden decking and much more.

Always ensure that you check the individual manufacturer information pertaining to your chosen adjustable pedestals so that you're using them correctly and appropriately during your next project.

What Do Roof Giant Offer?

DD Pedestals DDP03 70-120mm Adjustable Pedestals

Affordable and effective, these adjustable pedestals from DD Pedestals are some of our bestselling decking and paving supports. You'll also be able to combine them with our DD Pedestals 7% Slope Self Levelling Head and DD Pedestals Plastic Stackable Paving Slab Support to solve levelling issues and increase the height of the cavity at intervals to work around gutters, service pipes or similar.

Wallbarn Universal Adjustable Pedestal

Available in a range of different sizes, this universal adjustable pedestal from Wallbarn ensures a cleaner and faster installation. You'll benefit from the superior quality virgin fibre injection moulded polypropylene design, the telescopic stem that allows you to make millimetre-precise manual adjustments and a weight tolerance of over 1 tonne.

If you're interested in creating a successful green roof system supported by Wallbarn pedestals, Roof Giant also offer Wallbarn Sedum Green Roof Modules comprised of pre-grown M-Trays filled with a carefully-selected mixture of flowering sedum varieties that clip together easily with other sedum roof modules.

Self-Levelling Adjustable Paving Support

Featuring a self-levelling head that automatically justifies slopes to 5%, this highly durable and recyclable paving support has an adjustable height of 28mm to 550mm and is suitable for use with any self-supporting outdoor paving system. You can also purchase a CMS Universal Edge Paving Clip made from stainless steel to limit contact between the slabs of outdoor raised floors and outside walls.