Can EPDM Roofing Be Installed In Hot Weather?

The long-lasting, lightweight, flexible and weatherproof properties of EPDM rubber roofing have made it a mainstay of many flat roofing, shed, garage, summerhouse and garden office projects. EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, is also easy to install

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Top 3 Most Discreet Ventilation Options For Your Roof

Proper roof ventilation is vital for the health, structural integrity, energy-efficiency and lifespan of not just your roof, but your whole home. Therefore, you need to make sure that you ventilate your roof in the right way and with the correct products to

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What Are The 6 Vital Layers Of A Green Roof Installation?

Green roofs - sometimes referred to as sedum, living, vegetated or eco-roofs - are so much more than just an eye-catching, flower-filled roof space. They're a flourishing flora that supports wildlife, reduces air and noise pollution, while also enhancing the

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FAQ: Your Coping Stone Questions - Answered!

Should I adhere or mechanically fix my coping stones? What size should the overhang be? Are coping stones really necessary? Coping stones are a decorative, durable and practical finishing touch to any wall project. However, there are a few essential coping-themed

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What's The Difference Between Roof Lights & Skylights?

Roof windows roof lights, skylights... The subtly varying terminology surrounding roof daylighting products can be confusing - particularly when many of us use these phrases to casually describe any roof opening that allows sunlight to spill into our interior

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What Tools Do I Need To Successfully Install Underfloor Heating?

Has your latest underfloor heating (UFH) project got you feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared? It's time to acquaint yourself with Roof Giant's vital tools and essential gadgets to ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free UFH installation process. Whether

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