Roof windows roof lights, skylights... The subtly varying terminology surrounding roof daylighting products can be confusing - particularly when many of us use these phrases to casually describe any roof opening that allows sunlight to spill into our interior spaces. Although 'roof windows' is often used as more of an umbrella term, there are some important differences that need to be explored when discussing roof windows in relation to rooflights and skylights.

Firstly, there are a multitude of stunning assets to owning a roof window, roof light or skylight that go beyond the illuminating benefits of bringing bright, natural sunlight into your home:

  • Elevate the mood and ambience of your home interiors
  • Improve ventilation and combat pollutants, mould and excess moisture
  • Control the temperature of a room more effectively
  • Enhance the energy/cost-saving potential of your home
  • Transform the appeal of smaller rooms that can't accommodate standard windows
  • Help to manage unwanted noise pollution
  • Potentially increase the value of your home

So, if you want to make the most of these home-enhancing advantages, you'll need to get familiar with our range of roof opening units to completely revitalise your home interiors. In our latest blog, Roof Giant will reveal the vital differences between roof windows, roof lights and skylights.

What Are Roof Windows?

Roof windows provide light while also giving you the option to open and close the movable sash.

From centre pivot, top hung to balcony - roof windows come with many different opening configurations to suit your room type and individual preferences. Whether you want the space-saving qualities of a centre-pivot window, the ventilation enrichment of a top hung window, or the ability to take in as much outdoor space as possible with a VELUX CABRIO Balcony Window, roof windows are geared around function, safety and style, giving you daylight, ventilation and a clear view of the sky during the day and when stargazing at night.

At Roof Giant, we offer a selection of pitched roof windows and flat roof windows from trusted brands VELUX and FAKRO.

What's The Difference Between Roof Lights & Skylights?

Although there is no technical difference between a roof light and a skylight, they should crucially not be confused with the term roof window.

Both roof lights and skylights are terms that are often interchangeably used within the roofing industry to describe any glass opening that follows the same angle as your roof or ceiling to bring natural light into your home interiors.

Roof lights and skylights may come in the form of the VELUX INTEGRA Electric Curved Glass Double Glazed Rooflight, the Whitesales ray.lux Double Glazed Flat Glass Rooflight or Roofglaze's Skyway Pitched Roof Laminated Rooflight, all depending on your roof orientation, budget and daylighting needs.

Whereas roof windows are defined just as much by their functional capability to open and close - as well as their ability to bring light into your home - a rooflight or skylight leans much more towards the benefits of interior illumination. Rooflights and skylights are therefore more aesthetic features designed purely to enhance your home interiors with natural light. However, there may be some products that come with additional, practical features, including open/close functions to provide ventilation, emergency access or smoke removal.

Roof Lanterns are considered to be the aesthetic and architectural peak of the roof light product range. They simultaneously complement and enhance your modern or traditional style of home while bringing in even more light thanks to their impressively raised glass opening design. This raised glass structure improves indoor illumination dramatically when compared to other alternatives. Shop roof lanterns from Atlas Roof Solutions, Korniche and Whitesales at Roof Giant today.