FAQ: Your Coping Stone Questions - Answered!

Should I adhere or mechanically fix my coping stones? What size should the overhang be? Are coping stones really necessary? Coping stones are a decorative, durable and practical finishing touch to any wall project. However, there are a few essential coping-themed

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What's The Difference Between Roof Lights & Skylights?

Roof windows roof lights, skylights... The subtly varying terminology surrounding roof daylighting products can be confusing - particularly when many of us use these phrases to casually describe any roof opening that allows sunlight to spill into our interior

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What Tools Do I Need To Successfully Install Underfloor Heating?

Has your latest underfloor heating (UFH) project got you feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared? It's time to acquaint yourself with Roof Giant's vital tools and essential gadgets to ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free UFH installation process. Whether

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of Lead Roofing?

Even with all the cutting-edge innovations and modern materials available, lead continues to be widely used throughout the roofing industry. Although lead flashing and similar lead roofing products are well known for providing a robust barrier against water

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A Buyer's Guide To Rooflights, Sun Tunnels & Roof Lanterns

Ever wanted to fill your home with bright, natural light without reaching for a wall switch or plug socket? If so, it's time to get familiar with our range of rooflights, lanterns and sun tunnels at Roof Giant. Whether you own a flat roof building or a pitched

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What Are The Best SSQ Spanish Slate Tiles For Roofing?

From heatwaves to harsh winters - natural slates hold up against anything the weather throws their way. This world-class icon of the construction industry is renowned for being one of the very best roofing materials for architects to homeowners and everyone

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