From heatwaves to harsh winters - natural slates hold up against anything the weather throws their way. This world-class icon of the construction industry is renowned for being one of the very best roofing materials for architects to homeowners and everyone in between. There are many different roof slates on the market, but the outstanding quality, longevity and weatherproof resilience you're looking for is typified by our high performance SSQ (Spanish Slate Quarries) Natural Roofing Slates.

What you may not know is that slate roof tiles can vary significantly in quality - which can impact vital factors such as durability, weather resistance and aesthetics. SSQ's offerings have been painstakingly sourced from the greatest quarries in the world and quality controlled to meet precise international standards, as well as your own individual visual requirements and personal tastes. Once properly fitted, your Spanish slates will protect your roof with smart, stylish and traditional appeal for over a century while also serving as a powerful investment that will actually save you money in the long-term.

Whether you live on the coastal edges of Wales and Cornwall - or the most exposed areas of natural beauty in the UK - having a properly installed natural slate roof will give you the peace of mind you need during the windiest, rainiest conditions or even the most searing summer temperatures. However, as you'll discover, not all SSQ natural slates are the same, and some will suit your project better than others.

So, what are the best SSQ Spanish slate tiles for your next roofing project?

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will deconstruct the differences between Del Carmen, Domiz and more, allowing you to make an informed decision before clicking 'purchase' on your next natural slate order. If you own a heritage or high-end home, a period property or a building in a conservation area, take a look at the very best Spanish slate tiles with us today...

Del Carmen Natural Slate

A desirable roofing slate that is characterised by its subtly rippled and riven texture, striking longitudinal grain and deep blue-black colour that never fades. This slate gets its name from its prestigious place of origin, Del Carmen, the largest quarry in North-West Spain. Found in the Cabrera Mountains, Del Carmen is home to an abundance of premium natural slate, mined and crafted into a stunning and distinctive roofing material.

SSQ discovered that Del Carmen was home to some of the highest quality slate in the world and subsequently formed a long and trusted partnership with the quarry. Now SSQ Del Carmen is welcomed by a large number of heritage outfits in the UK. Now available at Roof Giant, our Del Carmen slates are considered to be so high in quality that they can even be used in restoration work within areas of conservation.

Choose between SSQ Del Carmen First roofing slate which is covered by a 75-year guarantee or Del Carmen Ultra roofing slate, covered by a 100-year guarantee (both tested in accordance with EN 12326, carrying the CE marking and classified as ‘W1-T1-S1').

Riverstone Phyllite Slate

This premium-grade roofing slate is made from a lustrous metamorphic rock called phyllite. If your project needs something that's stronger, denser and more resilient than natural slate, then you'll love this attractive slate alternative. Formed over hundreds of millions of years, phyllite is great if you need that extra level of durability and weather resistance. Its incredible hardness is matched by its unique attractive qualities, giving you a slate with a striking green-grey tint that is reminiscent of Cornish and Scottish slates, as well as those found in Norway.

Derived from SSQ’s own quarry in the San Luis region of central Argentina, the colour is totally natural and will not fade over time, even when exposed to the strongest UV rays and the most brutal outdoor conditions. Great for historic roofing jobs in Scotland to faithfully emulate local slates and suitable for use on restoration projects or within areas of conservation.

SSQ Riverstone First roofing slate is covered by a 75-year guarantee and is tested in accordance with EN
12326, carrying the CE marking and classified as ‘W1-S1-T1'.

Domiz Hand-Split Slate

If you want that classic slate style with a stunning blend of blues and greys - coupled with audacious textures - Domiz will give you an incredibly smart and rich looking finish to catch the eye. A favourite in the UK and Ireland since 1996, this slate is mined and hand-split from the famed Orense region in North-West Spain - a haven for high performance roofing slates.

For those yearning for undeniable quality, attractive appeal and exquisite nuances that are comparable to slates found in Wales' Ffestiniogg quarry, Domiz Slate is a wonderful choice for your next roofing project.

SSQ Domiz Standard blue-grey roofing slate is covered by a 50-year guarantee and SSQ Domiz Prime blue-grey roofing slate is covered by a 75-year guarantee. This natural slate achieves excellent results when tested to the BS EN 12326, achieving the all-important “W1-T1-S1” classification. Domiz also complies with the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228), which has the strictest slate testing criteria and procedures in the world.