Ever wanted to fill your home with bright, natural light without reaching for a wall switch or plug socket? If so, it's time to get familiar with our range of rooflights, lanterns and sun tunnels at Roof Giant. Whether you own a flat roof building or a pitched roof home, you can take full advantage of all the unmissable benefits of Roof Giant's essential daylighting products that will not only light your home effectively but also create a more efficient and pleasant living environment.

If you want the summer sun to stream into your home interiors - or you're looking to make full use of every ounce of available sunlight in winter - our rooflights, lanterns and sun tunnels will allow mood-boosting daylight into your home at any time of year. You'll create a light and airy interior aesthetic while saving on energy costs in the process with a range of daylighting options designed to suit your exact project requirements and visual preferences.

As the cost of living crisis endures and electricity prices continue to soar, more and more homeowners are weighing up the benefits of installing energy-saving products throughout their homes. Therefore, it's no surprise that rooflights, lanterns and sun tunnels are more in-demand than in previous years, allowing you to switch off your lights for longer and make full use of the sun's rays. If you want to cut energy costs or you're concerned about the environmental impact of your home, our daylighting solutions will help to transform the efficiency of your home, all-year-round.

If you're aiming to fill a large room with daylight, you can opt for a stunning roof lantern, whereas small rooms and difficult-to-light spaces like upstairs bathrooms and hallways can be illuminated beautifully by installing a flexible, easy-fit sun tunnel. Once installed, you can start to experience all of the benefits of energy-efficient living, while also improving your overall health and well-being, thanks to increased daylight exposure from the comfort of your own home.

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will shed light on an array of rooflights, sun tunnels and roof lanterns, illuminating all the key differences to help you make an informed decision before you click 'Purchase'. We've put together a selection of popular daylighting products from the most trusted brands in the industry including Korniche, Whitesales, Roofglaze & Atlas Roofing Solutions.

Korniche Aluminium Flat Roof Window Lantern

Perfect for an extension or renovation project, Korniche Roof Lanterns will add value to any modern or traditional property in terms of daylight, visual appeal and energy-saving potential. This beautiful lantern has been designed with slimline rafter profiles to maximise the glass areas and bring in the most amount of daylight possible. The 100% thermally broken aluminium construction and high quality glazing will help to improve thermal efficiency, while also giving you a sleek, streamlined look to suit any home. Once installed you'll enjoy a durable, weatherproof and beautiful roof window that will enhance your indoor living experience with no visible fixings to spoil the overall aesthetic.

Whitesales em.dome Triple Glazed Polycarbonate Modular Rooflight

If you're looking to cover a larger roof area with multiple roof lights or simply add one or two practical rooflights to a smaller or more awkward roof space, opt for our Modular Rooflights from Whitesales. A must-have for anyone who's interested in a rooflight option that offers additional installation flexibility, this triple glazed, sound dampening, impact-tested rooflight is made using highly durable polycarbonate, which is superior to glass in terms of strength. Whether you opt for an electric, manual or fixed opening rooflight, you'll be able to fill any dark interior with daylight or improve the tranquillity of your indoor extension space.

Atlas Double Glazed Fixed Flat Rooflight

Although somewhat similar to modular rooflights, this Atlas offering leans more towards aesthetics for projects that require a stylish, modern finish. It features a fixed glass panel and a sleeker, slimmer design that sits flush with the internal plaster line. Perfect if you're looking for the visual appeal of a lantern and the adaptability of a modular rooflight, once installed it will appear frameless from the interior of your home, creating the illusion of an open roof space and allowing plenty of light to suffuse your home. The minimalist appearance is bolstered by a full aluminium outer trim, a structural PVCu internal core with superior thermal properties and standard toughened double glazing, available in Blue Tint or Neutral colour options.

Whitesales em.tube Tubular Double Glazed Sun Tunnel

A simple yet extremely effective daylight option - this Whitesales Sun Tunnel captures daylight at roof level and has the ability to deliver up to 20 times more light than a 100w lightbulb. Great for pitched roof projects, sun tunnels are easy to install into new or existing roofs, while also accommodating most flat roofing specifications as well. Whether you want to bring daylight into a bathroom, bedroom or dark upstairs space, this Whitesales sun tunnel offers 98% light reflection on its inner tube surface, making it highly effective in transmitting daylight into internal rooms or areas that are lacking in natural light.

Skyway Pitched Laminated Rooflight

The Skyway Pitched Laminated Rooflight is a high performance rooflight that is compatible with all roof types. It gives you access to clear sky views and maximises the amount of light that enters your indoor space. The fully thermally broken aluminium frame prevents cold bridging and provides excellent thermal performance and additional weatherproofing. If you want a rooflight that is simply packed with impressive specs, the Skyway does it all. It also comes with concealed fixings to give you a clean look in any bedroom, bathroom, stairwell or hallway project.