Has your latest underfloor heating (UFH) project got you feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared? It's time to acquaint yourself with Roof Giant's vital tools and essential gadgets to ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free UFH installation process. Whether you've dabbled in a bit of DIY before or you're a professional contractor, your journey towards an effective and reliable underfloor heating system begins with some familiar toolbox must-haves and a couple of specialist pieces of equipment.

For many homeowners, the prospect of fitting underfloor heating can seem complex, but there's a surprising amount you can do yourself before you require the expertise of a registered electrician. In fact, the laying of heating cables and mats, and the levelling, adhering and jointing of your underfloor heating system is all within the skill set of an switched-on DIY-er with a bit of initiative. After you've fitted these underfloor heating components yourself, all you need to do is get in contact with a Part P qualified electrician who will make the final connection between your UFH and the mains.

Once installed, your underfloor heating system will provide you with low maintenance, energy-efficient heating, that is both incredibly comfortable underfoot and actually more hygienic and less allergenic than standard radiators. Underfloor heating systems can be cheaper to run than standard radiators, which in light of the on-going cost of living crisis, is an appealing prospect.

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will reveal the must-have tools, gadgets and kits you need to make sure your overall underfloor heating project is completed quickly, accurately and to the highest possible standard. We have handpicked an array of our most popular products from trusted brands including ProWarm, Stanley and Draper.

Draper Tape Measure

In addition to a pen or pencil, you'll need a high quality tape measure to ensure you're cutting underfloor heating mats precisely. When you're working out the coverage area of the matting required for your project, accurate measurements are essential. Always make sure you have something like our impact resistant, soft-grip and durable Draper tape measure with metric and imperial graduations.

Stanley Classic 99 6 Inch Retractable Utility Knife

Cutting the mesh of your underfloor heating mat will require either a pair of scissors or a utility knife like the Stanley Classic 99. Once your underfloor heating mat is rolled out until it reaches the wall, you can go ahead and cut it - but don't cut through the cables! This Stanley Knife comes with a three-position retractable blade made of carbon alloy steel. It will also be able to handle an array of different professional and DIY jobs.

ProWarm Testing Kit

The ProWarm Testing Kit consists of a digital multimeter and a floor damage sensor to deal with all installation and diagnostic requirements throughout the lifespan of your underfloor heating system. The digital multimeter function will test the resistance of heating cables and mats during and after installation to both ensure your UFH is working as expected and to validate the manufacturer's warranty. The floor damage sensor will sound a high pitch alarm to warn you if the heating cables or mats are damaged during installation, saving on costly repairs and floor removal

ProWarm Adhesive Mixer

This unique and innovatively designed adhesive mixer from ProWarm is essential for mixing tile adhesive, self-levelling compound and an array of other products used more widely in roofing, DIY and construction. Made from a robust construction to guarantee high quality, professional-grade mixing of adhesives and compounds in your underfloor heating installation.

ProWarm Plastic Wall & Floor Trowel

Durable, ergonomic and extremely effective at making certain that adhesives, levellers and compounds are applied smoothly and accurately in your latest underfloor heating project. This plastic trowel is very lightweight and your UFH products won't stick to it either. A professional and easy to use choice for those who find heavier metal trowels harder to work with.

ProWarm Professional Adhesive Trowel

If you're looking for a more robust and long-lasting trowel for adhesives, levellers and compounds, we suggest opting for this superior choice from ProWarm. Made with a carbon spring steel blade, 6 spot weld mounting rivets and a square notch design that allows for consistent application. This will ensure adhesives and compounds create a firm and secure bond between tiles and the underlying substrate.

ProWarm Spike Roller With Protector

A smooth, even application of compounds and adhesives can be achieved by using this spike roller - it also removes air bubbles for a much more reliable and professional finish. Simply apply and distribute your product with the roller to get the immaculate-looking and level finish you've been looking for. The protector shield will also prevent the spikes from getting damaged, prolonging the life of the product.

ProWarm Installers Kit

Take the guesswork out of underfloor heating installation with our Installers Kit from ProWarm. Featuring everything from a mixing bucket and plastic trowel to a measuring tape, floor damage sensor and more, this all-in-one kit contains just what you need to get your UFH project off to a great start.