Even with all the cutting-edge innovations and modern materials available, lead continues to be widely used throughout the roofing industry. Although lead flashing and similar lead roofing products are well known for providing a robust barrier against water ingress, as well as being easy to shape and highly resistant to extremes of weather, the main benefit of using lead is its astounding longevity.

As long as it's properly installed, lead can outlast the lifespan of the building - protecting your roof and creating a smart finish that is appealing to homeowners and professionals alike. It's a low maintenance choice for your roof that you simply don't have to worry about once fitted, serving as an attractive choice that will elevate the visual appeal, waterproofing and potential value of your abode.

This shiny grey-blue metal is widely used for its soft, malleable composition and brilliant workability that's coupled with extraordinary corrosion resistance and waterproofing properties. It's for these reasons that lead has been used as far back as the days of The Roman Empire and has since outstripped the technical profile of many inferior roofing materials. The end product is a proven and reliable mainstay in a range of modern and traditional building constructions.

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will outline the life expectancy of lead roofing materials and make you aware of our most popular lead flashing brands: Midland Lead and BLM. All products are chosen to guarantee longevity, reliability and low maintenance appeal in your next lead roofing project.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Lead Roofing?

According to Midland Lead, lead has a working lifespan of well over 100 years, making it a brilliant investment, a low maintenance roofing material and an environmentally-friendly solution for your next roofing project.

What's more, rolled lead from Midland Lead and BLM has a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years when installed correctly. Machine cast lead sheet from Midland has a 60-year guarantee. Shop high quality Lead Flashing, now available at Roof Giant.

What We Offer...

Midland Lead Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll - 6m

A popular, premium cast lead sheet that's perfect for flashings and weatherproofing. Midland Lead Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll is highly resistant to corrosion and fully malleable for a range of applications including vertical cladding, hip and ridge flashing, parapet, box and tapered valley gutters, apron and cover flashings, chimney flashings and more.

BLM Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll - 6m

Made for a wide range of flat and pitched roof applications, BLM Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll has been designed to keep your whole roof system completely waterproof and leak-free. BLM Lead is precision-rolled using advanced computer processes that create the exact thickness and knitted grain structure required for a truly reliable and high-grade working material. Made from 100% recycled raw materials and suitable for flashings, soakers, valley gutters, porches, dormers, cladding and more.

Whether you're moving into a new home or an older property, it's unlikely that you'll ever have to worry about lead over the course of its lifespan. However, if you want to learn about any of the telltale symptoms of an ageing lead roof, read our previous blog: 7 Signs That Your Lead Roof Flashing Needs Replacing. Discover everything you need to know about damage, weathering, water staining and more.

Lead Flashing Alternatives

At Roof Giant, we also offer a range of lead flashing substitutes that can be quickly and easily installed in place of traditional lead. Our environmentally friendly lead flashing alternatives are ideal for professionals and homeowners who want to avoid any health-related issues associated with handling and installing lead flashing while still achieving many of the visual benefits and protective qualities of lead. Shop trusted brands, including DEKS, Rooftec, Klober and Hambleside Danelaw for durable, versatile and safe to handle lead alternatives with no scrap value.