Green roofs - sometimes referred to as sedum, living, vegetated or eco-roofs - are so much more than just an eye-catching, flower-filled roof space. They're a flourishing flora that supports wildlife, reduces air and noise pollution, while also enhancing the thermal performance of your roof, regulating indoor temperatures and improving rainwater drainage.

It's no secret that homeowners are happier living with a beautiful, energy-saving, biodiverse feature integrated into their property. But before you can reap the benefits of your ecological rooftop paradise, you need to familiarise yourself with the vital layers of a green roof installation.

On top of the roof deck or structural support, you'll typically have a series of practical layers that will make up your green roof installation; providing waterproof protection, puncture resistance and weather exposure resilience. There will also be a series of other facets that will manage drainage, filtration and water storage - along with a growing medium for your plants, flowers and similar vegetation.

So, if you want to transform your roof into a rich, eco-friendly green space - adding value to your home in the process - Roof Giant will break down the key components of a green roof. We'll go layer-by-layer and introduce you to some of the very best green roofing brands on the market, including Danosa, ACO and Wallbarn.

Waterproof Protection Layer

One of the most important layers of a green roof system is a waterproof protection roll. Easy to install and highly durable, this Danofelt protection layer serves several functions on your roof. Once fitted, it will shield your roof against punctures and mechanical damage, providing resistance against harsh weather conditions and acting as a separating layer between chemically incompatible materials.

Drainage Layer

Robust, rot-proof and resistant to damage... Every green roof system needs a permanent drainage layer solution. This Danodren Jardin Green Roof Drainage Membrane Layer from Danosa is made up of a 7.5m nodular polyethylene green sheet that has been pre-bonded to a geotextile fleece to provide effective drainage, filtration and durable protection.

Weed Control Geotextile Fabric

Tackle weeds without chemical killers with this superior loose-laid weed control layer. The Wallbarn Flortex 120 is a clever, permeable fabric that allows the free flow of water, air and nutrients - including fertiliser - downwards into the soil from above. It works by blocking sunlight into the soil to suppress weed growth while simultaneously retaining vital soil moisture. Once fitted, this chemically inert layer will prevent plant rotting, minimise mould and mildew build up and reduce weeding and general maintenance.

Drainage & Water Storage

This lightweight interlocking modular roof tray is a high water storage capacity layer designed to provide efficient drainage, enable on-site rainwater retention and mitigate urban runoff. It can be easily cut to fit different shapes and is simple to interlock, facilitating the connection of adjacent trays and bolstering system stability.

Instant Green Roof Module

At Roof Giant, we have a thriving range of green roof modules and sedum blankets to finish your living roof system. Our Instant Green Roof Modules from Wallbarn contain a carefully-selected mixture of flowering sedum and wildflower varieties for all-round greening to cultivate a beautiful, perennial and hardy green roof. All you need to do is simply clip the portable modules together, making them the most simple and straightforward vegetation layer by far.

Riverstone Pebbles

It is also a necessary requirement of all green roof projects to add a riverstone pebble border around the perimeter and at all areas where your green roof comes into contact with an occupied wall or parapet. Our washed riverstone pebbles are perfect for using in conjunction with Wallbarn's M-Tray Modular Green Roof System to smartly dress the edges of your green roof and to act as a fire break.