What VELUX Flashing Do I Need?

Whether you're buying a new or replacement VELUX window, every project will require the right flashing. But don't worry, working out what you need is a lot easier than it looks...

What you need to know is:

  1. What type of material you have on your roof
  2. The pitch (or slope) of your roof
  3. Whether you require a standard or recessed installation
  4. What additional extras you might need for optimising energy efficiency

At Roof Giant, our VELUX Flashing Kits will ensure your window can be installed perfectly alongside tiles, slates or whatever roofing material you happen to have, giving you a weatherproof seal, while protecting against the ingress of rainwater, dirt and insect infiltration. In this easy-to-use guide, we'll give you the most important flashing related information for a smooth and straightforward installation.

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Work Out What Roof Type You Have...

Similar to your VELUX window, your flashing needs to correspond to the pitch of your roof. There are flashing options for tile roofs and slate roofs, as well as plain tile flashing and special head flashing for other substrates. Work out what you need below...

EAW Flashing: for 10° – 75° low pitched tile roofs

A highly adaptable flashing kit designed for pitched tile roofs as low as 10° with a profile up to 120mm. They work by creating a 'mini dormer' to elevate the pitch and are available at Roof Giant in an array of sizes to suit your VELUX window of choice.

EDW Flashing: for 15° – 90° pitched tile roofs

Great for interlocking slates, thatched or profiled sheeting, the EDW flashing kit can be installed into flat or profiled roofing materials with a maximum 120mm profile. The minimum recommended pitch for this flashing kit is 15°.

Watch the VELUX EDW Flashing Installation Video Guide

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EDL Flashing: for 15° - 90° pitched slate roofs

The EDL flashing kit can be used for installing VELUX roof windows into non-interlocking slates with a maximum thickness of 8mm. For thicker or interlocking slates/tiles we recommend using the EDW flashing kit instead.

Watch the VELUX EDL Flashing Installation Video Guide

EDP Flashing: for 25° – 90° pitched plain tile roofs

For roof pitches no lower than 25° and no higher than 90°, the VELUX EDP flashing kit can be used in conjunction with plain tiles that have a maximum length of 300mm and a maximum thickness of 14mm.

ZWC Profile Set: 15° - 90° pitched roofs of another material

If you still want to install a VELUX window but your roof is made up of an unconventional material that isn't slate or tile, use the ZWC Profile Set. It comes with frame covers for the bottom and sides, and a unique hood design that will overlap your on-site weathering, and can also be used in flat roof projects when installing your pitched roof window to a self-made kerb. Important: make sure this flashing option is installed right up to the window frame for the most effective weatherproof seal possible. Note, the ZWC can only be used when installing a VELUX Roof Window at the "red-line" installation height (i.e. brackets at the top and bottom).

Do You Need Standard Or Recessed Flashing?

You can choose to install your VELUX window in either a standard or recessed fashion, requiring the use of different kits to create the desired end result you’re after. Recessed flashing kits are used when you want to install windows with a smarter, more elegant look that is 40mm lower than standard flashing, so it simply blends into your roofline.

EDJ – Tile – Recessed Flashing Kit

For tiled roofs with a 20° minimum and 90° maximum pitch, and tiles up to 90mm thick, this EDJ flashing kit will ensure your window fits into your roofline with a sleek and smart appearance.

EDN – Slate – Recessed Flashing Kit

For slate roofs with a 20° minimum and 90° maximum pitch, the EDN flashing kit can be used with non-interlocking slates up to 8mm thick only. Standard Flashing Kits

For standard tile and slate installation, Roof Giant offer a wide range of different flashing kits in many different dimensions to suit your window.

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How Many Windows Are You Planning To Install?

The type of flashing you need may also depend on the number of windows you're planning to install. At Roof Giant we offer a range of different flashing options to suit the number, position and arrangement of windows on your specific roofing material.

Twin Flashing

This standard flashing option comes in EBL (slate), EBW (tile) and EBP (plain tile) options and allows two windows to be situated next to each other with a gap of 18mm or 50mm.

Recessed Duo Flashing

Available in two options, EKN for slates and an EKJ for tiles, this is similar to recessed flashing but allows for a pair of windows to be arranged next to each other with a gap of 100mm.

Coupled Flashing

Designed to use when installing two roof windows next to each other with a gap of 100mm, this flashing type is available for slates (EKL) up to 8mm, plain tiles (EKP) up to 14mm, and tiles (EKW) with a profile up to 120mm.

Triple Window Flashing

Triple Window Flashing helps you install three VELUX windows next to each other with a gap of 100mm. There are slate (EKL) and tile (EKW) options available to suit your roofing material.

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Extras To Consider

Our optional extras can be used in conjunction with your VELUX roof flashing to make sure the installation of your window is as heat saving and energy-efficient as possible.

Insulation & Underfelt Collar

The Insulation & Underfelt Collar is designed to tackle the most common roof window problems such as heat loss and cold bridging, insulating around the window frame and providing a secure, weathertight seal. It also comes with click fittings to ensure a fast and accurate assembly.