If you're looking to add a truly innovative and high-value feature to your home, then look no further than the VELUX CABRIO balcony system. A real asset in Spring and Summer, the CABRIO allows you to switch effortlessly from a modern VELUX roof window to a stunning balcony in just two simple movements.

But this only scratches the surface of what VELUX's window-meets-balcony can do for you. Roofgiant is here to lay out all the advantages to owning a CABRIO balcony system, that will not only improve your living experience but also make your home a healthier, more attractive and energy-efficient space to live in.

#1. Switch effortlessly between a roof window and balcony. Using the CABRIO couldn't be easier; simply swing the stunning top hung window up where it will lock into place in a fixed position and push out the bottom sections to create the balcony's structure.

#2. Cheaper than having a bespoke balcony installed. Compared to the costly construction of dormer balconies, you are saving money by installing the CABRIO system. So you'll be enjoying all the benefits of a balcony and outdoor space for less.

#3. Adds value to your home. CABRIO windows are a real talking point for any prospective buyers. They create an appealing outdoor space and open rooms out, which can be very attractive, particularly in smaller properties or homes that don't have a garden or outdoor area. In fact, by adding outdoor floor space in the form of a balcony, you could be adding as much as 5% or 10% to the value of your property.

#4. Modern triple glazing as standard. Benefit from the noise dampening properties, improved energy efficiency and anti-dew coating included with the toughened triple safety glazing in CABRIO windows.

#5. Install into your exact roofing material. CABRIO systems are available for slates up to 8mm thick and tiles up to 120mm in profile.

#6. Smart 180° Easy-Clean Design. The top-hung section of the roof window rotates 180° and locks in place for safe and easy cleaning of the outer pane.

#7. Get your balcony in single, double or triple options. Once you have decided on what flashing you need, you can choose to have a CABRIO system as a single, double or triple configuration, depending on exactly what you want from your project.

#8. Planning permission isn't usually required. The official line from VELUX is that planning permission normally isn't a requirement when installing a CABRIO system. This is because, upon installation, no additional platforms will need to be constructed for a person to stand on and the window itself doesn't jut out from the roof when in the open balcony position. If the CABRIO system is part of a larger project that does require planning permission or is used in a conversion project for example, we suggest seeking advice from the planning authority before you go any further.

#9. More light, more ventilation and more happiness. With the CABRIO, you're bringing the outside into your home, filling living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces with light and fresh air. VELUX are huge believers in the benefits that natural daylight and ventilation can offer you - improving your mood, increasing concentration, helping combat depression while reducing eye strain, fatigue and susceptibility to illness.

As with all VELUX windows, you can control the amount of light that enters through your CABRIO system with a range of different sun diffusing, heat protecting external awning and indoor blinds. They come in a range of colours to coordinate to your room style and home design.

#10. A choice of finishes to match to your home. You can choose to purchase a CABRIO balcony system in either traditional pine or modern white painted finishes to better suit the style and look of your home.

#11. Lowers your energy bills. Your CABRIO balcony comes with VELUX's energy-saving ThermoTechnology design that uses special cutting-edge materials that have been chosen to boost energy efficiency, improve insulation and create an airtight seal around the window frame when shut. All of this guarantees a more efficient home and will make your indoor living experience more comfortable while reducing your energy bills in the process.