Almost every homeowner will be familiar with VELUX as a recognisable name in the roof window industry, but these interior-transforming skylights offer far more than meets the eye. In this blog, we'll take you through some of the obvious and many of the less appreciated benefits to owning a VELUX window, from improving your living experience to controlling light and ventilation at the touch of a smartphone.

Enhanced Light Quality

Sunlight has been proven to improve your mood, productivity and overall quality of life as well as combating more serious light deficiency conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and even depression.

Installing a VELUX window will completely transform any interior space, flooding your home with bright light. Perfect for the summer but also effective during the winter, these windows have been designed with the narrowest frames and cutting edge glazing to maximise every bit of sunlight potential possible throughout the year.

Improved Ventilation

Airflow, ventilation and improved air quality are all things that VELUX Windows have been specially designed around. Along with creating a more refreshing and invigorating environment for work and relaxation, VELUX window's ventilation-focussed design can also help with problems such as damp, condensation and other moisture-related issues in humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Saves Energy - Saves Money

Along with the bright natural light that will be brought into your home throughout the day, reducing the need for constant overhead light use, VELUX also offers a few unique design features to reduce your energy bills too.

Look out for VELUX ThermoTechnology on your window as this will indicate the use of high-quality insulation materials and unique build and design elements used to protect against heat loss. The airtight seals used in the manufacturing of VELUX windows keep warmth contained in your home, cutting down on heating costs and potentially saving you money.

Stunning Visual Appeal & Ambience

VELUX Windows can help turn sunlight deprived rooms in your home into brighter, aesthetically pleasing spaces to live and work in. You can transform living rooms, kitchens and office spaces into more pleasant places to live, giving them an atmosphere and ambience that you wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

VELUX windows are also a real focal point for any home and have been built to look as sleek, smart and perfectly suited to any room thanks to the traditional pine or the more modern white polyurethane design options that you can choose from.

Remote Control & Smart Phone Connectivity

If you want to bring your VELUX windows into the 21st century, opt for a VELUX INTEGRA Electric or Solar Powered Roof Window. At the touch of a button, the INTEGRA system lets you open and close your window via a pre-paired wall switch, allowing you to control windows that are out of reach or on the other side of the room.

You can also pair your roof window to your smartphone with the VELUX ACTIVE experience. This allows you to control VELUX INTEGRA roof windows, blinds and shutters all from your smartphone. The app also offers live weather data, indoor climate status as well as group control to open and close individual windows, and much more.

Choose A Window For Every Room

Thanks to Roofgiant's handy Window Selector Tool, you can choose a roof window according to your specific requirements, clicking filters such as window type, size, glazing, finish and control mode. We offer everything from 3-in-1 STUDIO roof windows to enhanced noise reduction glazing options, helping you to find what you're looking for.

Easy To Install

VELUX windows are easy to install and can be fitted completely from the inside of the window recess, meaning you won't need to hire out scaffolding or other expensive building equipment. Each and every window comes with full, straight-forward instructions as well as a QR code to access instructional videos and diagrams that will help in the smooth running of the window's assembly.

Adds Value To Your Property

VELUX windows are a wise investment, proving more and more desirable around the home. Today it's pretty much expected that homes come with double glazing and a degree of energy efficiency - VELUX windows will offer this as well as a range of modern features that are very appealing to any new buyer. Skylights are also becoming more attractive to homeowners as working from home becomes a larger part of our lives and as our homes play a more significant role in both work and relaxation.

Low Maintenance Design

VELUX windows are extraordinarily well made, constructed from premium quality materials, painted before assembly and then coated with water-based lacquer to protect against dirt and moisture. The finish on VELUX windows is also breathable and provides high UV resistance, shielding against harsh sunlight and improving the longevity of your roof window.

Although we suggest that you refer to your VELUX manual and instructions, typically these windows don't require a lot of maintenance, but yearly non-abrasive cleaning of flashing and window glass is advised to ensure they stay in the best condition possible.

Multi-Functional Blinds & Shutters

At Roofgiant we offer a range of different manual, electric, and solar blinds and shutters to suit your room requirements and individual tastes. Whether you're looking to create a blackout environment or protect your room from exterior heat by as much as 95%, our blinds and shutters help to precisely control the amount of light and even the temperature that comes through your window.