If you live, work in or use a building that has limited interior lighting, you'll know how hard it is to create a comfortable and practical environment that you can feel both productive and happy residing in...So what can you do?

The answer: Daylighting.

Daylighting is a term used to describe all the available methods for bringing natural sunlight into an inside space for the purposes of enhancing your living experience and even slashing your energy bills.

At Roof Giant, we are huge advocates of daylighting and believe in taking full advantage of all the natural light solutions available.

In this blog, allow us to illuminate all the brilliant options and unique benefits that will have you switching off your artificial lights, saving energy and enjoying your newly lit spaces in no time at all.

Advantages Of Installing Sun Tunnels & Skylights

#1. Huge energy saving potential

#2. Brilliant return on investment

#3. Reduced GHG emissions, water and air pollution

#4. Improved productivity and decreased stress

#5. Helps sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder

#6. Improves student and employee performance

#7. Kills germs in your house

What Daylighting Options Are Out There?

From clerestory windows to solariums and conservatories - there are many different forms of daylighting out there. However, the easiest and most effective way of lighting your home is through your roof.

Sun Tunnels

Solar tubes, light tubes or sun tunnels channel sunlight from the surface of the roof down through a reflective cylinder that finishes at the ceiling, bringing natural light straight into your home or office space. You can find a huge range of different sizes, shapes and designs of sun tunnel to integrate into your roof.

Pitch Roof SkyLights

A more conventional and classic method of daylighting: Pitched roof windows light up your home without compromising on living space and solve lighting issues in any roof space where the gradient is between 15° and 90°. We stock a range of pitched roof skylights from brands such as VELUX which include a dirt and moisture protective finish and laminated safety glazing as standard.

Flat Roof Windows

For dimly lit flat roof buildings, opt for one of our flat roof windows or top covers that come in a range of different design options, allowing access for ventilation or simply operating as a sealed window light source. Many of our products in this section feature a low energy 2-layer pane and a highly insulated PVC construction.

What Heat Reduction Options Are Out There?

Awning Blinds

Once your method of daylighting is in place and sunlight is flooding in, you might want to consider some intelligent heat control options to prevent your home or office from becoming uncomfortable.

Enter the black net awning blind...

Made exclusively for VELUX windows, these high-tech blinds are designed to block UV rays before they hit the glass, preventing unwanted heat from entering your home by up to 72%. They are also completely transparent as to not compromise the outdoor views.