VELUX windows enhance natural sunlight, improve ventilation and add value to your property. But now they've been brought into the modern world, with features that will improve your indoor living experience, making your life easier.

If you want to explore the advantages more broadly, take a look at our 'Top 10 Benefits Of Installing VELUX Windows In Your Home', however, in this blog we're going to be looking at the INTEGRA range and the ACTIVE control functions that you can use to operate your roof windows at the touch of a button and even more.

You'll easily access fresh air and improve indoor comfort, take control of home security, closing all roof windows at once, and completely remove the risk of rain ingress thanks to cutting-edge sensors.

So, What Are VELUX INTEGRA Roof Windows?

With both electric and solar operated roof windows to choose from, the INTEGRA range gives you full control of all windows, blinds and shutters using the VELUX KLI 311 Wall Switch provided. You'll enjoy easy in-home operation of your roof window from a distance, even enabling you to install roof windows in out of reach areas such as high ceiling rooms.

Other benefits also include:

  • Fresh air, indoor comfort and home security - by using the INTEGRA wall switch you'll be able to relax in your home, controlling the opening and closure of your window at the touch of a button.
  • Rain sensors for automatic closure - the sensors detect water landing on the exterior of your roof window, closing it so you don't have to. Great if you're busy or out of the house.
  • Fully integrated and virtually silent motors - they won't disturb you while you're at home - opening and closing your window in almost complete silence.

In addition to these features, Solar windows also include the following benefits:

  • No need for an additional power supply; the window is powered entirely by the sun's rays.
  • An integrated PV solar cell on the external window frame - Solar windows are therefore far easier to install as their power source is completely contained within the window.

VELUX INTEGRA Blinds & Shutters

You can also choose from a wide range of solar and electric blinds, including blackout, translucent roller, energy pleated, heat-reduction awnings and more. You can view our full range of VELUX Blinds & Shutters at Roofgiant.

INTEGRA Solar blinds and shutters are great for both solar-powered and manual roof windows and, just like solar windows, are very easy to install due to their solar cell power supply that requires no additional mains electricity to run.

INTEGRA electric blinds and shutters are a must-have for mains operated VELUX INTEGRA windows, connecting straight into the window's power-supply for easy out-of-reach operation via your wall switch.


VELUX ACTIVE allows you to take full control of all your INTEGRA windows thanks to the ACTIVE with NETATMO smartphone app. When downloaded, you'll only be a few taps away from controlling your roof windows, blinds and shutters anywhere in the world. You'll also be able to completely oversee and actively control your indoor environment, gaining access to the following:

  • Live weather data - the ACTIVE system makes use of real-time weather data to ventilate your home and help reduce the use of indoor air conditioning units and fans.

  • Sensor-based ventilation - track temperature, humidity and CO2 levels to create the perfect interior climate, making sure your home is always as pleasant, fresh and healthy as possible.

  • Automatic indoor heat protection - if your home gets too hot in the summer, the ACTIVE system will close any INTEGRA blinds or shutters to help keep the indoor environment as cool as possible.

  • Customised indoor climate - personalise your home environment, changing temperature and ventilation settings to how you want them while you're at home or away.

  • Voice-activated commands - Your ACTIVE with NETATMO app comes with voice-control functionality, allowing you to open windows and close blinds simply by speaking.

You can gain access to all of these features with the VELUX KIX 300 Active Indoor Climate Control Package. It comes with all the sensors and controls required that will feed into your VELUX NETATMO app, giving you full, easy and convenient control, all from your smartphone. The Departure Switches and Indoor Climate Sensors are also sold separately as well as part of this complete control package at Roofgiant.