Once your VELUX window is installed, our handy Accessories range at Roofgiant will help you to adapt, improve and enhance the built-in features of your roof window.

Whether you're looking to add a layer of security, repair your roof window or access it more easily, we've put together a few of our most popular ancillary products to enable you to get the most out of your VELUX purchase.

VELUX ZCT 200 Telescopic Window Pole / Control Rod

If your centre-pivot GGU or GGL VELUX Window is out of reach, the ZCT 200 Telescopic Window Pole can be used to hook onto the top control bar, allowing you to easily open or close your window. It also provides convenient access to fresh air and lets you quickly shut your window in the event of rain. The pole itself is 100cm but it can be extended to 180cm, with an even greater length made possible with the VELUX (ZCT 100) 100cm Control Rod Extension.

The VELUX ZOZ 085 Adaptor can also be clipped onto the end of this product to allow you to control VELUX blinds easily at a distance.

VELUX KIX 300 Active Indoor Climate Control Package

Once you've installed any VELUX INTEGRA electric or solar-powered roof window, you can use this ultra-modern package to create the perfect indoor climate. The Active Indoor Climate Control Package constantly monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home using sensor-based technology and is designed to be paired up to your windows to create the perfect environment. All you need to do is purchase this package and download the VELUX ACTIVE app to start automatically improving the air quality of your home.

VELUX ZZZ 130Ki White Paint Roof Window Repair Kit

If you've had your VELUX window for a while, superficial signs of wear and tear may start to appear. This handy and easy to apply DIY repair kit allows you to restore your white painted window to its previous immaculate appearance - addressing paint damage, scratches and chips.

VELUX KLF 200 INTEGRA Interface Unit For Home Control

Want to fully integrate all your electrical VELUX products into your home control system? This brilliant interface bypasses the 'language barriers' of the various manufacturer products, from alarm systems to wall switches. It translates all these messages from sensors and alarms so that your INTEGRA windows work together seamlessly with everything else in your home control system.

VELUX Solar Conversion Kit for Centre Pivot Windows - KSX 100K

The KSX 100K conversion kit converts your manual GGL/GGU centre-pivot roof window into a SOLAR powered window. Perfect for bringing existing skylights into the modern world, this kit comes with an electric motor, a rain sensor and a wall switch remote, giving you self-contained remote-controlled operation of your window, powered entirely by the sun's rays.

VELUX ZOZ 012K Window Anti-Burglar Security Lock & Key

This key-operated security lock will make GGL/GGU centre-pivot windows more secure by reinforcing the 'click shut' mechanism at the top of the window. When locked, it is not possible to open the sash, however, the ventilation function will still be working. You can also easily fit this product yourself without any professional installation required.

VELUX ZOZ 012K Window Anti-Burglar Security Lock & Key