A leading name in ingenious design and modern innovation - FAKRO have decades of experience in developing some of the very best roof windows in the world. Each and every beautifully-crafted window is designed to transform your home on almost every level, from aesthetics and ambience to efficiency and security.

Among their wealth of products, FAKRO offers pitched roof windows, flat roof skylights, blinds and a range of installation accessories. In this blog, Roofgiant reveals all the unique reasons why you need to buy a centre pivot or top hung window today.

Easy To Use, Control & Access

FAKRO windows come with a simple, user-friendly design thanks to the bottom operated handle. This means that the window can be positioned even higher up on your roofline while still making the action of opening and closing easy and convenient.

Quicker & Easier To Install

The simple bracket-fixing installation allows you to fit your window to the rafters, battens or sarking with a trio of fitting depths that are compatible with the majority of roof coverings.

Highest-Quality Wood Finish

One of the best indicators of FAKRO's window quality is the premium quality timber materials used. When you purchase your window, you're guaranteed to get a close-grain, knot-free immaculately finished pine construction. All timber is sourced from FSC certified sources, meeting the highest environmental and social standards and goes through a variety of processes and finishes to ensure dimensional stability and longevity is achieved.

Roofspace Illumination

Once installed, your FAKRO window will transform your loft or attic room, flooding it in bright natural light. The slim frame profiles have been designed so that the maximum amount of daylight can be enjoyed from inside your home at any time of year. Exposure to natural light can increase productivity, improve circadian rhythms and sleep quality and even help improve your mood and general wellbeing.

Innovative Airflow System

FAKRO windows come with a smart V40P Semi-Automatic Ventilation System helping to control the levels of airflow into a room without having to open or close the vents manually. Unlike most window vents that are user-operated, the V40P opens and closes according to the outside wind pressure - when the pressure increases the vent is able to close, when the wind decreases it's able to open up again.

This allows you to control your indoor environment much more effectively, regulating moisture build-up and controlling indoor temperatures to create a more energy-efficient home.

Protected Against Break-Ins

Although no window can offer total security, FAKRO is the safest and most secure roof window to protect against burglaries and break-ins. It comes with special reinforced hardware such as handles and keep-plates as well as strengthened glass to make your home a little safer than before.

For another layer of home safety and security, you can also purchase the FAKRO ZBL Window Lock. Although this lock is designed more around preventing someone from opening a window from the inside, it will mount directly onto the sash, locking it to the frame, keeping your window securely shut whenever required.

More Than Just A Beautiful Finish

Not only are FAKRO windows finished to a highly professional standard, but the pre-applied lacquer treatments also mean that very little maintenance or upkeep will be required down the line. FAKRO use completely eco-friendly finishes and polyurethane materials for the smartest look and feel with the greatest levels of longevity possible.

Suitable For High Humidity Rooms

Buy FAKRO's white polyurethane-coated pine or PVC finished windows for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and other wet rooms or humid spaces in your home. These finishes do not absorb moisture and are specially designed to not deteriorate or distort in rooms that have consistently high levels of humidity and moisture.

Energy Saving Properties

Thanks to the thermoPro insulated inserts on the sash, the low emission glass coatings and warm edge spaces in the glazing, FAKRO will help you save money on heating your home, creating a cosy environment during the cold winter months.

Improved Closing & Sealing Quality

The exceptional closing design comes with a quadruple sealing system that provides enhanced air-tightness and a superior weather seal that will lock out drafts and harsh weather.

Clever Condensation Drainage

Condensation is one of the most notorious problems when it comes to roof windows, but FAKRO's special drainage system allows condensation to filter out through clever channels integrated into your roof window. It also comes with fully sealed internal joints, preventing moisture from infiltrating the timber and helping to extend the lifespan of your window.

Increases The Value Of Your Home

Your FAKRO skylight is going to be an attention grabber in any room and a real selling point for prospective buyers. Not only will they give rooms a complete makeover thanks to the stunning light quality, but the range of modern features will also be appreciated by anyone looking for a safer, more efficient, high-quality home living experience.