When you get started on your next roofing job, you'll come across a whole variety of roofing nails available to you. However, with each nail type comes its own range of properties and a unique suitability to a particular task or environment. There are also different finishes you need to consider as well as the type of material you're driving your nails into.

To help you out, Roof Giant have put together a range of common roofing nails - from copper clouts to smooth shanks - giving you an idea of exactly what you need for your latest project.

Clout Nails

Our clout nails are comparatively short and chunky with a wide, flat head designed to secure roofing materials firmly in place during the nailing process. This makes them suitable for shed or general roofing felts, slates, roof sheets and similar materials that don't need to be hammered with significant structural depth. Always check the information provided about our individual clout nails to determine if they are appropriate for your project.

Copper Nails

Copper nails offer brilliant chemical and rust-resistance, making them brilliant for maritime environments, wet or corrosive conditions. Copper is toxic to moss and algae which will help to protect your nails and prevent the rest of your roof from becoming covered in these problematic organisms as rainwater disseminates copper chemicals. Copper nails are also incredibly tough and long-lasting compared to other nail types.

Samac Copper Clout Nails

Aluminium Nails

Aluminium nails are lightweight and very easy to handle during installation, particularly in securing tiles and other sheet materials in your latest roofing application. You'll also benefit from natural rust-resistance in most normal inland environments but not marine or industrial settings.

Samac Aluminium Clout Nails (1kg)

Stainless Steel Nails

One of the most common nail types out there, stainless steel nails are great for a variety of roofing applications and can suit many different installation requirements. Strong, long-lasting and salt and rust resistant - stainless steel nails are great for using in wet conditions and even coastal regions. From tile and slate jobs to claddings and fascia, stainless steel nails are a brilliant choice for all-round roofing jobs.

These Annular Ring Nails, available at Roof Giant, have a threaded shank for extra withdrawal resistance in roofing applications.

Galvanised Nails

Offering similar advantages to copper, our Galvanised Nails are zinc-coated to give you additional corrosion protection along with the durability of the nail's base metal. Once installed, Galvanised Nails are durable enough to protect against prolonged rain exposure and will prevent against rust formation for years.

Samac Galvanised Clout Nails (1kg)

Shank Nails

Identified by their distinctive spiral thread, our shank nails are designed to screw down effectively into particularly hard, dense or stubborn roofing materials. They should only be used in roofing jobs where the materials are particularly tough to work with, otherwise splitting and breakages can easily occur.

Smooth Shank Nails

Smooth shanks are great for most general roofing use and are very easy to nail down. This is due to the smooth nail shaft that can be driven into almost anything.

These Rawlplug nails are made with a galvanised finish and blue coating that improves drive and guarantees a firmer fixing. They also come with a diamond point that can reduce the risk of splitting.

Ringshanked Nails

Ringshanked nails come with a ridged and grooved texture that covers most of the nail shaft, providing brilliant penetration and holding strength, that exceeds that of smooth shanks.

These electro-galvanised D-head ringshanked nails are great for framing nailers in structural works, for example: roofing, floor joists, decking, framing walls and more.