Coping stones are more than just a decorative detail, they're an important and underrated construction essential that need to be considered before your next parapet upstand or boundary wall project.

From traditional copings to pier caps and even aluminium alternatives; there are many different types of coping stone to complete both new and existing projects. It doesn't matter if your latest job is smaller in scale or very large and elaborate in scope, coping is a smart, durable and incredibly valuable asset to your building's roof or wall structure.

In this blog, Roof Giant will give you the lowdown on the reasons why you should never overlook coping stones and how they can actually improve your project in terms of visual quality and structural reliability.

What Are Coping Stones?

Copings are flat, single weathered or twice weathered rectangular stones used to cap free-standing walls, parapet upstands, boundary or flat roof walls. Once installed they will provide you with a robust, visually appealing finishing touch that will give your project a completed look that is both decorative and practical.

The function of a coping stone is to protect the exposed upward wall face from rain and weather damage while preventing rainwater from seeping into the wall structure and compromising its strength over time. Roof Giant provide coping stones for any function-based or decorative project in building constructions and garden settings.

You can add the perfect finishing touch to your latest garden wall, parapet wall or flat roof coping stone project with our high strength Concrete Pier Caps from Castle Composites, available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your exact requirements.

Concrete Twice Weathered Coping Stone

Why Choose Castle Composites Coping Stones?

At Roof Giant, we supply a high-grade and incredibly popular range of coping stones by market-leaders, Castle Composites. Within this range are concrete and premium porcelain coping stones to choose from, available in a range of different sizes to suit your latest project requirements.

Concrete will provide you with a great, general purpose material that will be reliable in most settings, however, if you require something of a superior quality, our Bluestone Natural and Hammerstone Grey Porcelain Coping Stones are almost completely non-porous, giving you the highest level of rain protection possible while also helping to prevent against staining in the process.

Across the various materials, you can also find a selection of different colours to meet your needs, including Buff, Dark Grey, Light Grey and more.

If you need some high quality capping, our Porcelain Pier Caps from Castle Composites are a durable, stain resistant and virtually non-porous essential for your latest coping stone project, giving you a brilliant blend of weatherproofing and aesthetic beauty.

Why Should I Use Coping Stones In My Next Project?

Coping stones are imperative to wall projects, whether that be on a simple garden wall, roof parapet or similar application. Without coping stones in place, visual signs of weathering and actual weather damage can ruin your wall overtime, causing it to stain and even crumble.

The capping function of coping stones keeps water off your wall. The tough concrete or porcelain construction usually comes with a once weathered (single slope for water runoff) or twice weathered (caret '^' shaped ridge for runoff on both sides) design to allow water runoff without causing water ingress in the wall underneath.

Coping stones are hugely important when it comes to your wall project. They protect walls from weather damage and come complete with drip checks - which help to keep water away from the wall. Coping stones are manufactured from high-strength concrete and provide an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

What Coping Stone Accessories Are Out There?

The best method for installing your coping stone is with Coping Stone Two Part PU Adhesive. This can be applied with a notched trowel or by buttering the back of the coping stone. A great choice for the installation or replacement of Single Weathered Coping Stones, Twice Weathered Coping Stones, Porcelain Coping Stones and Pier Caps.

Coping Stone Two Part PU Adhesive

Castle Composites Pigment Pots allow the pointing/mortar to be colour matched and they contain the same pigment used in the manufacture of Castle Composites coping stones.

Castle Composites Pigment Pot - 200g

Castle coping stone brackets and fasteners are designed for mechanically fixing concrete coping stones on horizontal surfaces. Supplied in packs of 10, including fasteners, bear in mind that your coping stones must be drilled on site prior to installation.