When it comes to flat roofing jobs, EPDM is one of the best systems on the market. Whether you're looking to roll out a rubber membrane on the flat roof of your home or you envision a brand new extension project, EPDM - or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer - is versatile enough to meet the needs of most big and small flat roofing jobs for homeowners and professional contractors alike.

EPDM membranes are also a great choice for garage roofs, or covering a shed or summer house, ensuring that even your more scaled down garden outbuilding roofing jobs are reliably protected from the elements. Made of synthetic rubber comprised of extremely resilient monomers that are perfectly suited to 24-hour exposure to harsh weather conditions, EPDM is easily regarded as one of the most practical and effective roofing systems you can buy.

If you're still not sure whether a brand new EPDM membrane will make the cut in your next project, Roof Giant, are here to lay out all the most appealing attributes and advantages to installing an EPDM rubber roof today. We'll also guide you through our carefully handpicked, trusted and reliable EPDM brands, including TRC, ClassicBond, Firestone, Hertalan and much more to get your hands on.

Exceptional Waterproofing Qualities

It's no secret that EPDM is weatherproof. But what you may not know is that EPDM is in fact the most waterproof variety of rubber on the market, providing 100% waterproofing performance when installed correctly. This makes EPDM a supremely reliable choice for extreme weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, snow and storms.

Environmentally Friendly

If you're trying to track down more eco-friendly roofing alternatives, you'll be pleased to learn that EPDM is a completely recyclable choice for your next project. Not only is it long-lasting - meaning that your rubber roof won't have to be wastefully thrown away or replaced - but once it has reached the end of its lifespan or becomes damaged, it will also avoid a trip to landfill.

Our Firestone EPDM Membrane is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture, therefore the use of this product makes it a great eco-friendly option.

Easier To Fit

As roofing systems go, EPDM is a whole lot easier to fit than you might think. Whether you're choosing from our Cut To Size EPDM Rubber Roofing range or you're looking to make use of our EPDM Shed Kits, everything Roof Giant offer has been handpicked to ensure a smooth, simple and straightforward installation.

The EPDM installation is a methodical, uncomplicated and easy to understand process that typically involves: roof preparation, positioning of the membrane, adhesive application, fitting trims and edge finishes and you're pretty much there.

For an even more effective and reliable fitting process and a professional, durable finish, make sure you have all the correct tools to hand, including: Rooftec 10" EPDM Scissors, a ClassicBond Professional Silicon EPDM Seam Roller and the Firestone 2" Paint Brush - all available at Roof Giant.


One of the most attractive benefits to installing an EPDM rubber roof is its comparative cost-effectiveness. If you're currently weighing up all the various roof systems, material costs and budgetary requirements for your next project, it is very likely that you'll want to lean towards the highly economical and very low life-cycle cost of EDPM roofing.

By installing EPDM, you'll enjoy an incredibly long-lifespan roof system and impressive energy efficiency thanks to the hefty thickness of the membrane which keeps heat in during the winter and blocks the heat of the sun during the summer. Also, because EPDM is so durable, you'll likely only ever have to engage in minor repair work, keeping repair costs down to a minimum. The durability of EPDM not only ensures the membrane itself doesn't split or crack, it will also keep home interiors protected from water damage as well.

Low Maintenance & Durable

EPDM requires minimal upkeep compared to other roofing systems; reducing running costs, limiting labour time and giving you all-round peace of mind. The low maintenance benefits are down to EPDM's fantastically hardwearing composition and the tough, weather resistant thickness of the membrane - all reflected in its long lifespan.

The durability of the EPDM membrane itself makes it incredibly resistant to splits, cracks and leaks. Owing to EPDM's robust molecular structure, the membrane will also prevent against the ingress of rain and provide brilliant UV and ozone ray protection. Regular inspections are advised from time to time, but if maintenance is required due to natural ageing or in the event of damage, EPDM repair can be easily undertaken with suitable glues and sealants.

Fantastically Flexible & Lightweight

The molecular properties of EPDM also make it highly flexible, allowing your membrane to be installed in the height of summer and the depths of winter with very few issues. This is because EPDM rubber is able to adapt to and accommodate the natural expansions and contractions that occur in changing temperatures and weather conditions typically associated with the climate of the UK.

EPDM is a lightweight option that is perfectly suited to roofing purposes. When you lay out your EPDM rubber membrane, it won't weigh down your roof, damage the structure or put any unnecessary stresses and strains on the building substrate or surrounding materials and roof elements.