VELUX Roller Blind - White (1028)
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Product info

This translucent VELUX roller blind is a simple, stylish way to soften daylight and offer privacy, making them perfect for living rooms, kitchen, hallways and home offices. The side channels allow the blind to be placed anywhere on the window, allowing you to adjust the amount of daylight that enters the room.

Manual Operation

  • Operated with a control bar at the bottom of the blind
  • Blind is attached to a top casing on the window
  • Runs in side rails for smooth operation and stepless positioning

Solar Powered

  • Relies entirely on solar power, requires no mains electricity
  • Operated through INTEGRA wall switch
  • Can be paired & operated with VELUX ACTIVE
  • Solar blinds work with solar and manual VELUX roof windows
  • A pre-paired wall switch is provided with this product

Electric Features

  • Powered by mains electricity
  • Operated through INTEGRA remote control
  • Can be paired & operated with VELUX ACTIVE
  • A pre-paired wall switch is provided with this product

If you are ordering an electric blind for a manual window, you will need to order a wiring kit / transformer separately. You can purchase the VELUX KUX 110 system here. Alternatively, a solar blind can be used with a manual window without any additions.

The code of your existing VELUX window may differ if it was purchased pre-2014. Please view the Help & Advice tab to see how your old code translates to new codes.

VELUX Window Sizes / Orientation

All VELUX window sizes are listed as width x height. For example, an MK04 window is 78cm wide and 98cm high.

For a visual representation of this, please click here.

VELUX Product Codes

The code of your existing VELUX window, blind or flashing may differ if it was purchased pre-2014 - these products generally have a code without the 'K'. To learn how to find your VELUX window code, click here.

And to see how your old code translates to new codes, click here. However, you will need to buy the pre-2014 coded product to match your window.

These rules will apply to any VELUX blinds or flashings you purchase as well.

VELUX Blind Product Codes

VELUX blinds come with side channels which come in two different options. This is reflected in the product code:

  • Product codes ending in ‘S’ - these will have aluminium side channels.
  • Product codes ending in ‘SWL’ - these will have White Line side channels.

Please see the section 'VELUX Product Codes' above to see how the codes also reflect the size/age of your window and blind.

VELUX Remote Controls for Electric & Solar Products

All VELUX electric & solar windows and blinds (internal and external) will be provided with a pre-paired wall switch as standard:

  • KLI 311 wall switch is provided with roof windows
  • KLI 312 wall switch is provided with internal blinds
  • KLI 313 wall switch is provided with external blinds/shutters

If you are looking to upgrade or change your remote control, or have upgraded your manual window to an electric or solar window, please browse our range of VELUX remote controls by clicking here.

Top Hung Windows & Cleaning Mode

Your top hung window may arrive in the Centre Pivot position which is the Cleaning Mode Function, allowing the external pane to be cleaned when the window has been installed. Please click here for instructions on how to switch it to the correct position.

Useful Guides


For advice and FAQs on the VELUX ACTIVE system, please visit the VELUX support pages.

VELUX Standard Flashing Kits

Please note that if you are viewing the installation guide for standard flashing kits, part 5 as numbered in the illustration is pre-attached to the window and is not part of the flashing kit. Part 6 comes within its own box that is positioned above the window in the window box.

Other Advice

Further product data and installation guides can be found in the Technical Information area (where applicable).

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VeluxReviewed by Roybuild on 15 Feb 2024

Have not fitted yet but I'm sure product will be okay


Exactly as expectedReviewed by Emily on 03 Jun 2021

The item was exactly as I expected and the delivery was within the stated timeframe.


Fits like a glove in minutesReviewed by Ianbgriffiths68 on 06 Aug 2020

Perfect design and clear instructions. Few things I have dealt with work this well.

Roof Giant delivery Q&A


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery charges will vary and will depend on the manufacturer, weight, size and delivery location. The cost is automatically calculated when you add items to the shopping basket.

How long will I wait for my delivery?

The estimated delivery times are shown on each product page, we will email you each step of the way to keep you informed. The majority of products can be delivered within 3-5 working days.We will advise you if the delivery period is different from than stated on our website.

Do you offer NEXT DAY delivery?

We currently offer next day delivery on certain brands. If you have a particular item that you require quicker than the guide on our website, please contact our sales team on 01858 455055 during office hours, they will be able to confirm whether a quicker delivery is possible.

What if my delivery doesn't turn up on time?

Please contact our sales office on 01858 455055 or email and we will advise on the status of your order.

Do you offer FREE Delivery if I spend a substantial amount?

Not as standard, we show the delivery charges separate once you go to the checkout so it is clear what you are paying for the products and delivery costs. If you are ordering larger quantities please contact out sales team who will be able to confirm if this is possible.

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What if my delivery doesn't turn up on time?

Please contact our sales office on 01858 455055 or email and we will advise on the status of your order.

VELUX Returns Policy

DELIVERY: It is the consumer's responsibility to ensure there is site access, have the ability to unload and someone on site to sign for the delivery. The signature is accepted as valid proof of delivery in the right condition. 

Goods that are either damaged or missing in transit must be marked on the delivery driver's paperwork prior to signing for the goods delivered, and reported to Roof Giant within (7) working days of the actual delivery date.

Please do not install VELUX items if you have a query with the product (e.g. if you need to query damage that occurred during transit). If an item is installed there is no guarantee of a refund/replacement.

Faults that were not evident during an inspection upon receipt of goods must be reported to Roof Giant within one (1) month of the delivery date.

To return goods to VELUX, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Goods will only be accepted for return if the condition of both products and packaging allows for resale.
  2. A return fee of £30 (ex VAT) per item will apply to all returns. (Please note some VELUX products are sold as 1 system containing multiple windows / flashings. Should the system (or any part of the system) need to be returned the £30 (ex VAT) restocking charge will apply to each product. Blinds and accessories have no restocking or carriage fee.)
  3. A return carriage charge of £40, or £80 for larger products, (ex VAT) will apply to goods returned from site.
  4. Return fees are in addition to the return carriage charge for goods returned from site to Velux.
  5. Products purchased prior to the commencement of these trading terms are subject to the return policy in place at the time of creating the return, not at the time of purchase.
  6. While awaiting either inspection by VELUX or collection, the consumer shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage to the products (including packaging).
  7. Transport companies acting on behalf of VELUX will only collect the specific items described on the collection note. No other items will be accepted.
  8. It is the consumers responsibility to ensure that the items submitted for return are as described to Roof Giant during all correspondence regarding the return. Any additional costs associated with failure to meet this responsibility may be passed on to the consumer. Roof Giant are not responsible for any extra or incorrect items returned.
  9. Replacement panes (IPL), component parts of packages or any product with code beginning 'SPECIAL' and made for specific customer requirements will not be accepted for returns.
  10. Products to be returned must be advised within 4 months of delivery of goods.
  11. VELUX must be able to inspect and/or collect goods that are to be returned prior to the acceptance of the goods for return.

Example Return

  • Items to be returned: 2 x GGL CK04 2070 roof window and 2 x EDW CK04 0000 flashing
  • Collection point: Site collection
  • Cost: £160 (4 x £30 return fee + £40 return carriage fee) (plus VAT)

VELUX refunds process can take up to 30 days to process from point of collection, we will be in touch to confirm the credit as soon as confirmation is received.