If you want the classic look and unmistakable style of natural slates at a fraction of the price, you need to turn your attention to lightweight synthetic roof tiles. For homeowners and professional contractors alike, traditional slate tiles have always been seen as the pinnacle of luxury roofing aesthetics. But this way of thinking has shifted significantly with the advent of synthetic roof tiles which provide an abundance of appealing advantages and project-boosting benefits that you simply can't miss out on.

Although the premium look and rich texture of natural or Spanish slates will be an absolute necessity for certain high-end roofing projects, they can prove to be impractical in other circumstances - such as roofing on a budget or in instances where you lack the expertise to transport, cut and position slates correctly.

Synthetic roofing can be a powerful alternative, giving you not only the look of natural slates, but also other assets such as durability, compatibility, easy-handling and eco-friendly properties as well. However, these benefits only skim the surface of what our lightweight synthetic roof tiles can offer you...

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will lay out all the most impressive reasons why you should use lightweight synthetic tiles during your next roofing project from our trusted brands including Eco-Slate, Britmet and Tapco.

Made From Recycled Materials

If sustainability and environmental responsibility are of vital importance to your synthetic roofing project, Eco-Slate and Tapco are made from a great range of recyclable materials to meet your requirements. Eco-Slate Flexible Recycled Plastic Slate Roof Tiles are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic and Tapco Synthetic Classic Roof Slates are created from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene to ensure your latest roof tiling job is eco-friendly. Our Envirotile Lightweight Plastic Roof Tiles are also made using a recycled polymer and offer excellent green credentials as well.

Almost Identical To Natural Slate

If you opt for Eco-Slate, you'll enjoy almost all the stunning aesthetic beauty of natural slate, including authentic slate-like textures and attractive detailing that will fool virtually anyone who happens to look up at your synthetic roof tile surface. The uniquely rich patterns and natural-inspired embellishments on each and every Eco-Slate tile will look even more realistic when they are installed next to each other, giving you that desirable natural slate look for less.

Unbreakable, Vandal-Proof Construction

Synthetic roof tiles provide impressive strength, practical durability and longevity, giving you a roof covering that will perform brilliantly for years to come. Eco-Slate consists of an unbreakable construction that cannot be vandalised and boasts a Class 4 impact rating, whereas Tapco Synthetic Classic Roof Slate is made with a special product formulation and manufacturing processes that protect against cracking, breaking or delamination.

Britmet Lightweight Metal Rooftile Slate is also secured against vandalism and foot traffic, giving you all-round protection against intentional damage and regular wear and tear.

Fast & Easy To Install

Fitting your lightweight synthetic tiles couldn't be easier. Many synthetic materials are easy to handle, and if you happen to be using Tapco Synthetic Classic Roof Slate, they can be cut effortlessly with a fine-toothed saw or sharp utility blade, with no sorting, clipping or drilling needed prior to roof loading. You'll find that the quick, straightforward and simple installation process removes a lot of the complexity and labour time involved in installing similar roof coverings on the market.

Lightweight Design

If the heft of handling and transporting natural roof tiles puts you off then it's time to go for a lightweight synthetic option. Synthetic tile alternatives are known for their characteristic lightweight feel which is not only extremely beneficial in transportation and fitting, it also removes the need for additional structural support elements. This streamlines the installation process and won't burden your roof with the weight of similar or more costly roofing systems.

A Must-Have For Roof Upgrades

Whether you're interested in getting the most out of your roof performance or integrating some cutting-edge roofing extras, synthetic tiles are able to accommodate an array of attractive upgrades. If you're looking to install roof windows, our Britmet Lightweight Metal Rooftile Slate 2000 range is easily compatible with VELUX and similar skylight options.

If you want to take sustainability and self-sufficiency to the next level, Eco-Slate can be used with solar panels as well as your roof window installation projects. Furthermore, Eco-Slate also improves roof insulation and thermal performance due to the clever self-bonding design that will form a solid membrane under sunlight exposure once installed.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic roof tiles are incredibly low maintenance and robust enough to hold up against harsh weather and UV ray exposure. Once installed, you won't need to regularly clean, replace or inspect your tiles as they're highly protected from the elements. Eco-Slate's low maintenance construction is protected against moss and mildew - extending the life of your roof tiles and also ensuring that they look smart and stylish in years to come

Supremely Versatile

These tiles are able to adapt to vastly different environments and project requirements, adding elegance and attractive appeal to modern houses, listed buildings, conservatories, garages, lean-tos and more. But that's not all. Synthetic tiles are also great for an array of commercial and educational buildings, community centres, vertical cladding, holiday homes, park homes, camping pods and stables. So, when you settle on synthetic tiles you'll discover that their lightweight, strong and long-lasting qualities will propel the ambitions of your next project, giving you the flexibility, practicality and confidence to install them in almost any suitable surrounding.

Many Different Colours To Choose From

Our synthetic tiles come in a wide range of colour finishes to mimic natural slates, re-imagine your roof design or match your roof colour exactly. The synthetic materials used to create these types of tiles make it easy to produce a plethora of unique colours to suit both modern and traditional homes, helping you to achieve a more classic aesthetic or a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Enjoy Old World Red or Cumbrian Green when you go for Eco-Slate, Brick Red or Stone Black when you opt for Tapco and Titanium Grey or Rustic Terracotta when you purchase Britmet. Each and every colour finish will perfectly encapsulate your roof theme and create a desirable synthetic tile surface that will be sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it.