TRC Spray Bonding Adhesive Gun
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This TRC Spray Bonding Adhesive Application Gun should be used in conjunction with the 17L Spray Bonding Adhesive. 

  • Includes a 60cm extension

TRC Frequently Asked Questions

I have never installed a rubber flat roof… is it easy?

Techno EPDM kits are specifically designed for the competent DIYer.  Some roofs are very easy to weatherproof, particularly freestanding roofs etc. Some roofs require more expertise eg. roofs with multiple skylights or awkward pipes and apertures.

Do I need specialist equipment to install my new rubber roof?

You should only need basic hand tools for a straightforward roof. eg. tape measure, shovel, broom, hammer, handsaw, rubbish bags etc.

How long does it take to install?

The average (20m2) rear extension should only take a morning to install. Getting the roof stripped off and any decking replaced if needed usually takes longer than installing Techno EPDM.

I am worried about stripping off my old roof and leaving it exposed to the elements.

It is advised to check both the weather forecast and that you have the correct materials on site prior to starting. The beauty of the TRC Techno EPDM system is that if you do get caught in an unexpected shower you have a pre-cut weatherproof sheet to hand, which you can use as a tarpaulin.

Do I need to strip off my old roof?

It depends if the timber substrate is sound. If there has been a long term leak, or the decking is chipboard, then the roof may need reboarding in places. If the substrate is sound and the felt cleaned of dust etc then the EPDM can probably be adhered directly to it using contact adhesive (although this is more tricky to install).

To save time and expense, some people simply overboard their roofs with new ply or OSB, screwing into the existing substrate.

Is there an up or down when installing the rubber?

Techno EPDM is identical on both sides.

Are the products safe to use?

Yes and all products are supplied with clear instructions and safety data sheets. Sensible precautions should be taken ie. do not inhale adhesive fumes, do not allow children access to the products etc.

How long will my roof last?

Your new Techno EPDM membrane is guaranteed not to fail due to weathering for 20 years. It is essential that the product is installed in accordance with the detailed instructions provided.

Is Techno EPDM environmentally friendly?

Yes, EPDM is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture and installation.

Can I use Techno EPDM in really hot or really cold weather?

For the best results, use in mild conditions. The adhesives should not be used if temperatures are likely to be below 5 degrees celsius within 24 hours.

Can I use Techno EPDM on top of insulation boards to create a warm roof?

A ply faced insulation board eg Kingspan TR31 or similar is recommended. Alternatively you can insulate on top of the decking with foil faced boards, then overdeck with OSB or plywood, secured with long screws.

Can I adhere Techno EPDM directly to felt, fibreglass, asphalt or concrete?

The contact adhesive can be used for this type of application but, unlike water based glue, this is quite tricky to do on large areas. It’s recommended to overboard roofs with a minimum 10mm ply or OSB and using the water based glue.

Can I walk on my new Techno EPDM roof?

The membrane is incredibly tough and perfect for maintenance access. For balconies etc then additional protection is recommended e.g. paving slabs, walkway pads or timber decking.

My Techno EPDM appears to be quite chalky, is that OK?

Chalk is used in the manufacturing process to prevent the membrane sticking together. It will gradually weather off and does not affect its lifespan.

I have some wrinkles in my Techno EPDM, is this a problem?

There may be wrinkles or creases in the membrane. These may be caused in manufacturing or shipping. Open out and allow the membrane to "relax" for as long as possible prior to adhering. For stubborn creases a gentle heat source (eg a heat gun or hairdryer) should be applied prior to adhering.

There are joins in the rubber, why is this?

Techno EPDM is manufactured in Saudi Arabia and the large panels are created using vulcanised seams.  The material of these seams are homogeneous and 100% cured.

Can I install Techno EPDM in the rain?

The water based adhesive will work on damp timber but is not designed to be used in the rain. Contact adhesives will only work on dry substrates.

Can I install a cement screed on top of EPDM to create a walkway or balcony?

Techno EPDM is perfectly compatible with sand and cement.

My EPDM roof has been damaged, can it be repaired?

EPDM roofs can be easily repaired using the 9" flashing tape and Techno primer, cut the flashing tape to the desired shape and size, prime the area, allow to go touch dry. Peel the backing paper off and mate the surfaces together. Roller using a silicone roller.

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