The sun is trying to make an appearance, and as the weather gets warmer, the workload often increases. However, summer brings with it its own unique challenges and requirements. Read our guide to staying safe roofing in summer.

Stay hydrated

The best tip to stay safe and comfortable in hot weather is to stay hydrated. The human body is 60% water, which is why the body is dependent on water to function. Standing on the roof, directly in the path of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, causes the body to sweat. And while sweating regulates body temperature, excessive sweating without replenishment can lead to dehydration, fainting and many other serious ailments. Drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after every roofing project should be the plan of action for all contractors working in the heat.

Keep your cool

If you’re working on a roof all day, it’s highly likely there will be little to no shade. Ensure that you and all your employees take an ample amount of breaks in the shade or even inside.

Dress for the occasion

Appropriate clothing is your first line of defence against the suns harmful rays. While it might be tempting to shimmy up the ladder in your shorts and get a great tan, you’re leaving your skin unprotected against harmful rays and putting yourself at risk of painful sunburn as well as exposing your skin to potentially dangerous chemicals. Wear appropriate clothing that’s made out of breathable fabric where possible so you don’t overheat.

Check ahead

Of course, you aren’t guaranteed balmy weather all summer...make sure you check the weather forecast in advance to ensure you are as prepared as possible for the day of roofing ahead.

Early to rise

If you’re working in the roofing industry it’s highly likely that early morning starts will already be a firm part of your routine. In summer, we highly recommend starting your day’s work as early as possible. Early mornings are a lot cooler and the sun is much less intense, therefore it’s a much more comfortable working environment.Whether you are taking on a DIY project at home this summer, or a professional with a busy schedule ahead of you, our expert team are on hand with plenty of roofing tips and advice. Email to find out more about how to stay safe in the hotter months.