Stone and civilisation were made for each other. ROCKWOOL makes the most of this relationship to improve our health, wellbeing and comfort.

There is something uniquely exciting about turning an abundant natural resource into products that enrich modern life. And their search is not yet over: there’s still so much to be discovered.

ROCKWOOL is leveraging the 7 strengths of stone to create products that meaningfully address the biggest challenges facing our world.

For millennia, cities have exerted a pull on humans. They are centres of learning and experimentation; cultural melting pots where people from across the world come together to live, work, and play.

More people move to cities every day, and cities themselves have grown and changed in response to the needs of their ever-increasing populations. The balance between fast-paced urban life and human health and wellbeing presents challenges ROCKWOOL aims to overcome. ROCKWOOL have spent the last eight decades investigating how they can turn these challenges into unique opportunities. And the answer was right in front of them the whole time: stone.

ROCKWOOL have come a long way since 1936. By applying their curiosity, passion and knowledge, and combining it with their extensive production experience, they can leverage the 7 strengths of stone to address the big challenges facing our world.

Each of ROCKWOOLs products combines the 7 strengths with one ambitious goal in mind: to minimise the human impact on our surroundings, whilst maximising the safety and wellbeing of all the people interacting with their products.

Even after 80 years, as stone wool experts, they know there’s still so much to learn. ROCKWOOL’s new innovations in stone can create opportunity and help them tackle tomorrow’s challenges. In a sense, this is just the beginning.

Discover ROCKWOOL’s sustainable and non-combustible range of roofing products here.