Choosing the right channel drainage solution for your latest project is by no means a "one-size-fits-all" affair. In fact, picking out your channel drainage components should be something that you consider carefully before you click purchase online.

Whether you're installing garden, patio or driveway rainwater drainage around your home or you're weighing up all the vital channels, grates and junctions required in main road, industrial estate or airport environments, your channel drainage system needs to be tailored to your exact needs. Although linear drainage is a favourite among DIY-ers and professionals alike, failure to choose the right drainage components for your project could result in damage or even more serious safety risks. This is where channel drainage weight classes come in...

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will guide you through some of the surface water drainage secrets you need to consider before you buy and install your channel drainage system. We'll also lay out the industry-leading brands - such as DekDrain - and the strong, self-cleaning, user-friendly and low-maintenance components required in any successful channel drainage system.

What Are Channel Drains?

A surface water management essential for areas where rainwater or similar precipitation falls on a non-porous surface, such as a road, industrial surface or driveway. These channel drains ensure that the runoff is effectively and successfully directed into a suitable drainage point through a channel grate that meets the strength requirements of the surrounding environment.

Channel drains are most commonly found in driveways, patios, garage thresholds and large paved areas. If you're discovering wide-spread pooling or excess standing water after periods of heavy rainfall, it's probably time to consider installing a channel drainage system. Once installed, your non-porous surfaces are not only going to drain away nicely, they'll also be protected from water damage and an array of hazards associated with ponding or stagnant water.

How Do You Choose The Correct Channel Drain Weight Class?

Not sure what the difference is between A15 & B125 drainage channels? Before purchasing your channel drain, you need to establish the correct weight class required for your project. The weight class refers to the maximum load (in tonnes) that the channel drain can withstand and also pertains to the situation, environment or load that your drainage system will have to bear, from light duty pedestrian use to more heavy-duty applications.

Weight Classes

A15 1.5 tonnes

Lightest duty projects including pedestrian walkways, home gardens, patios, driveways and general DIY use.

B125 12.5 tonnes

Driveways and garage thresholds for home use, accommodating vans, 4x4, vehicles and larger family cars.

C250 25 tonnes

Roadways with light levels of traffic and smaller private car parks.

D400 40 tonnes

Major roads, main roads, highways and high traffic, everyday-use public car parks.

E600 60 tonnes

Industrial estates, warehouses, distribution, loading bays and general goods handling areas.

F900 90 tonnes

Heaviest duty applications including loading areas, airport runways, warehouses, dockyards, ports and service stations.

What We Offer...

DekDrain A15 Plastic Channel Drainage

Stylish yet strong, the DekDrain A15 Plastic Channel Drainage is built for gardens, patios, public pedestrian areas, driveways, garage thresholds and light traffic areas. Not only does this channel come with a simple, secure, slide-in socket and spigot connection, it also creates less friction and enables higher water flow while promoting self-cleaning at the same time. This channel drainage option therefore requires much less costly and time-intensive maintenance.

DekDrain A15 Channel Drainage Garage Pack - Galvanised

This great all-in-one channel drainage garage pack comes with everything you need to provide effective surface drainage around your garage. Made from a lightweight and superior strength HDPE material with an accessories bag containing a bottom outlet and a pair of end caps, this garage pack is easy to install with simple click-grating, requiring no screws for effortless assembly.

DekDrain B125 Channel Length With Plastic Grate

For use on pavements, driveways, small car parks and lay-bys where a higher weight limit is needed. This strong, lightweight, cost-effective and easy to install channel length comes with a special grid grating for effective water disruption that will result in better runoff clearance and more water going into the drain. You'll also receive flexible outlet connections with a range of different outlet options to best suit your installation.

DekDrain Eezee C250 Polypropylene Channel Drain with Black Ductile Iron Wave Grating

This C250 class channel drain provides you with no less than 12 drain connection points along with the ability to interlock in 8 directions, creating crosses, tees and staggered runs without needing extra fittings. Designed to save you money on your channel drain installation, the Eezee C250 comes with a robust polypropylene channel construction and black ductile iron wave grating.

Roof Giant also offers a wide range of other channel drainage brands to choose from including ACO Deckline, Manthorpe Building Products and Wallbarn.