1. INSTA-STIK™ Wand and Hose kit.


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INSTA-STIK™ wand & hose applicator kit used in conjunction with INSTA-STIK™ 13.5kg Professional Roofing Adhesive. Using this product INSTA-STIK™ is applied in beads to the underlying substrate prior to placing the insulation boards.

2. CMS Universal Slaters Hammer

Code: 1381

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Pull nails with the key hole, punch holes with the point, drive in nails, and trim slate all in one tool.

3. VELUX Pivot Centre Roof Window. 70 PANE

Code: GGL CK01 2070

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Put fresh air at your fingertips with a centre-pivot VELUX roof window. A top-operated roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated.

4. Superfoil SF40. Multi-Layer Foil Insulation

Code SF40

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SuperFOIL SF40 is a high performance multi foil insulation offering exceptional value for money. It has been tested to the highest standards and is fully certified for use in the UK.

By choosing SuperFOIL insulation you can save yourself time, effort, space & money over traditional forms of insulation. Because SuperFOIL consists of multiple layers of radiant barrier foil, it can protect against heat loss through radiation that non-foil insulation’s offer no protection against.

5. Roofing Lead Flashing Roll

Code: 41503

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BLM Lead Sheet & flashings provide a lasting protection for a wide range of roofing applications including flashings, valley gutters, porches, dormers, flat and pitched roofs. All of BLMs rolled lead sheet is produced to BS EN 12588 using 100% recycled raw material.