A stylish new deck not only enhances your home living experience, it can also add value to your property, creating a smart, inviting space to unwind and relax in. Therefore it's no surprise that new decking is a top-of-the-list outdoor improvement project for many homeowners. But with so many options to choose from, you might be wondering which decking materials are the very best out there...

The main issue with most traditional real wood decks is that they're vulnerable to the effects of weathering, warping, damage and decay. Authentic decks also require a lot of work to keep them looking their best.

This is where composite decking comes in.

Composite Decking Boards not only give you that beautiful and authentic wood grain texture, they're also incredibly durable and able to withstand almost anything the weather elements throw at them without showing signs of wear and tear or structural distortion.

For those weighing up the pros and cons of composite boards, the price tag is often the main barrier to purchase - so, is composite decking a good investment?

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will guide you through the most compelling reasons to choose a composite deck from trusted brands like Triton, and why you'll actually be saving valuable time and money on both labour and running costs in the future.

Highly Durable & Weatherproof

Triton Composite Decking Boards are made from a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) that's created by combining 60% wood fibre, 30% HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and 10% chemicals. The result is tough, weatherproof and supremely resistant to rot, UV damage, algae and corrosion. The WPC composition also won't warp or distort when exposed to wet or hot outdoor conditions.

Once installed, you'll have complete peace of mind that your robust composite deck will hold up brilliantly to whatever the weather throws at it for years to come. The WPC construction is also strong enough to hold up against regular foot traffic and everyday knocks and impacts.

Incredibly Realistic Wood-Effect

Your Triton Double Faced Composite Decking Board comes with a remarkably detailed and rich wood grain pattern, achieved by using cutting-edge techniques to give you a near perfect wood-replica surface. Once you've installed your composite decking with the wood-effect surface, the natural grain pattern nuances will fool almost anyone into thinking it's real wood, especially when you choose from the Natural, Teak or Brown colour options.

Superior Versatility

Whether you're decking out your home or even a commercial, educational or public space, composite decking boards adapt to whatever environment you find yourself in. This first-class versatility comes from the innovative dual faced design: on one side, an exquisitely detailed wood-effect pattern and on the other, a classic groove pattern that will suit both modern and traditional decking projects perfectly.

Triton Composite Decking is great for commercial and residential settings, refurbishment and renovation schemes, schools, public spaces, lodges, residential homes, garden offices and more.

A Range Of Colours To Choose From

Select from Natural, Teak, Black, Brown and Grey colours to achieve either an authentic wood-effect or to create a striking statement in a domestic setting. From traditional rustic abodes to sleek, modern homes, you can tailor your Triton Composite Decking to your existing design ideas or establish an entirely new look with the striking tones on offer.

Easy Installation Process

Triton Composite Decking has a unique and removable clip system for easy access and secure fitting. The Plastic Fixing Clips are a very simple to fit, reliable and cost-effective installation essential that will be used to fit your entire decking project. Made in a discreet black finish, each fixing includes a stainless steel screw to create a smart, seamless and strong fixing while still allowing the composite boards to be removed without complete disassembly of your deck.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Once you've fitted your new composite decking, it won't require any expensive maintenance treatments, time-consuming painting, sealing or waterproof coatings. Simple cleaning and wiping down of your deck will be all that's required to keep it looking its best, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your deck space and less time worrying about upkeep and maintenance.

Safe Underfoot

The special WPC composition is safer than real wood, with no risk of rot or splintering over its lifespan. Splinters are not only unattractive, they're also dangerous, particularly if you have young children or pets. When you choose Triton, you'll never have to worry about splinters or repairing your deck as a result. Furthermore, your Triton deck also comes with an anti-slip surface, making it safer for adults and elderly or vulnerable individuals to use.


The wood fibre, HDPE and chemical composition is made from environmentally-friendly materials, so if recycled products and sustainable living are important to you, choose Triton Composite Decking - now available at Roof Giant.