Wasps around your roof, or property in general, can pose a significant threat to people, pets and children. But it's not just a venomous sting you need to worry about. For roofing professionals, DIY-ers and conscientious homeowners, wasps have the potential to cause real damage to a home or building structure.

Wasps usually start to become active in the springtime, with nest building season usually taking place from April through to the end of September in the United Kingdom. Roof spaces, under eaves and inside ceilings are the perfect nesting ground for wasps, providing them with a warm and dry habitat within which they can cultivate an active colony.

They are extremely adept at chewing their way through domestic materials such as wood fibres (the favourite among nest builders), but they can also work their way through thin plastics, insulation, polystyrene and plasterboard - a nightmare for any roofer.

If you encounter a serious or existing wasp infestation that you think could be a serious cause for concern, your first course of action should always be to contact a pest control professional. However, there are some incredibly effective deterrents out there from trusted brands such as PestFix that you can use to prevent wasps from wreaking havoc around your latest roofing project or existing property.

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will guide you through some of the vital deterrents, avoidance and control options for dealing with wasps during your next project and anytime around peak periods of activity.

Wasp Pro Wasp Trap

Wasp Pro is a tough, reusable and weatherproof trap to be used with the Wasp Pro Wasp and Fly Lure IT021 lure, available to buy at Roof Giant. Wasps are attracted by the organic pheromone lure, entering through the inverted funnel in the trap's base. The wasp then becomes trapped in the liquid and dies, making this a great outdoor choice for amateurs and professionals alike.

Insecto Fly and Wasp Destroyer

The strongest amateur-use flying insect killer in the UK. Destroyer kills flies and wasps instantly and is great for the home and garden, targeting flying and crawling insects fast.

Trappit Wasp Bag Disposable Wasp Trap

This non-toxic wasp control solution is designed to be used with Trappit Liquid Wasp Bait, available at Roof Giant. Once the wasps have been trapped, the bag can then be disposed of with normal waste.

Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam

Designed to destroy wasp nests safely from up to 2 metres away, this popular, tried, tested and trusted product consists of a fast-acting foam jet that will prove effective within 24 hours.

Birchmeier DR5 Professional Hand Pump Powder Duster

For more industrial-scale nest removal, the Birchmeier Pest Control Equipment range includes everything you need for professionally treating wasp nests, if you are able to do so. Stock up on insecticide powder/dust as well as telescopic lances for difficult to reach wasp nest locations, such as out of reach areas around your roof, which will eliminate the need for ladder climbing and hazardous access attempts. You'll also help to reduce the risk of stings when treating large or difficult nests that have been disturbed.

Oa2ki Pesticide Free Organic Insect Trigger Spray

For those that desire a more natural, pesticide-free insect control option. Oa2ki Organic Spray uses only natural food-grade plant extracts to kill wasps in settings that would otherwise be harmed by generic insecticides.

Wasp Trainee Kit

An essential starter kit for any roofer that's new to the industry. The Wasp Trainee Kit contains a range of exceptionally high quality products that are perfect for wasp treatment, including many traps, sprays and baits mentioned above.