When it comes to multifoils, not all reflective insulation rolls are created equal. In fact, it can be difficult to work out what type of multifoil insulation rolls and wraps are the best out there and also the right choice for your next project.

Typical multifoil brands offer 30mm-40mm thicknesses as standard, however, SuperFOIL like to do things differently… Offering a wide range of multifoil insulations, starting at 30mm thick and in increments up to 100mm, you'll get a reflective, multilayered and high performance product along with a wide range of other benefits.

To help make the right choice for your next project, Roof Giant will help you explore some of the most frequently asked questions, benefits and unique features you need to know about.

Why Should I Choose SuperFOIL Insulation For My Next Project?

For most projects that require convenience and expedience, Polyisocyanurate, or PIR Board as it's commonly called, is a very popular and effective choice. However, the construction industry continues to move towards multifoil insulation due to its easier installation process when compared to other insulation types that often involve a longer cutting, fitting and clean-up time.

SuperFOIL streamlines your insulation installation jobs. There's less mess and less dust for a start, but mainly, it's brilliant to work with. When you buy SuperFOIL you'll get an incredibly durable and safe to handle product with an ultra- slim profile that can be used not just in attics but in walls and floors too. Whether you're planning your new build, retrofit or extension project, SuperFOIL is fantastic around the home as well as garden rooms, conservatories and even sheds.

SuperFOIL is also far safer to use than other forms of insulation. It's both easy and safe to handle, less bulky than many insulation alternatives and also non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and not damaged or degraded by moisture exposure.

What Projects Commonly Use Multifoil Insulation?

Whether it's a new or refurbishment project, a shed or a high-rise building application, we have a broad spectrum of SuperFOIL products available at Roof Giant to suit your needs. From underfloor insulation to radiator heat reflector packs, non-combustible fire rated rolls, vapour control or breathers - your building insulation is covered on every level.

We also offer high performance pipe insulation for winter that's great for cold weather-proofing your home. This pipe wrap is made up of a double insulation layer with two reflective foil surfaces on each side of a polyethylene bubble membrane. This special composition will keep pipes warm and reduce leaks along with added sound-proofing benefits.

No matter what you're after, we can even cater for those individual projects that require out of the box thinking when it comes to finding the perfect solution.

Does Building Control Accept SuperFOIL Insulation?

Yes. SuperFOIL and multifoil insulation is widely used in both the construction of new houses and in refurbishments. A great multifoil such as SuperFOIL is actually incredibly popular throughout modern construction due to its lightweight properties and easy flexibility. SuperFOIL will even provide you with U-value calculations to submit alongside your building control application, making the approval process a breeze.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using SuperFOIL?

There are times when you may not want to use a multifoil product for your next insulation job. For example, in order for your multifoil insulation to work effectively, it needs to be clean of dust and debris in both the installation process and in functional use. This means that the existing space that you are going to insulate must be as clean as possible beforehand or a cleanup job will be required before you can go ahead and fit your multifoil insulation.

Also, there are some construction professionals and homeowners that may be limited by budget and other factors so always consider your requirements beforehand and visit our Insulation range at Roof Giant to discover the perfect insulation solution for your next project.