When it comes to choosing your next flat roofing system, you'll soon discover that there are many different options available to you. But one of the most effective modern methods is easily the so-called 'torch-on' system. This effective flat roofing solution is fast, efficient and relatively easy to install.

But that's not all; in fact, we've only just scratched the surface of what this system can do for your next roofing project...

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will guide you through all the advantages, crucial benefits and unique selling points to installing a torch-on system today.

What Is Torch-On Roofing Felt?

This flat roofing system is defined by its three-layer bitumen felt composition. Once rolled out over your roofing substrate, heat is applied using a blowtorch that will melt the under layer, welding it to this surface. The heat melting of the felt then creates an entirely waterproof seal, protecting it from rain, water penetration and harsh weather conditions.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Torch-On System?

Easy Installation

Although it's a job best undertaken by roofing professionals, owing to some of the more hazardous installation requirements, 'torch-on' is straightforward to do. Essentially the job only requires unrolling felt and applying a blow torch, which is quick, easy and surprisingly cost-effective.

Wet & Dry Application

Applying torch-on felt isn't a season-specific job and can be completed at any time of year. This makes it a particularly advantageous roofing system for installing amidst the most unpredictable UK weather.

Incredibly Durable

Not only will torch-on felt create a waterproof seal on your roof, once installed it will act as a tough, hardwearing and UV resistant surface to shield against harsh outdoor conditions. You'll also find that it's pretty resilient to damage and puncturing and will also hold up very well in high winds when installed correctly.

Where Can Torch-On Roofing Be Used?

Suitable for a range of new build and existing projects, torch-on roofing felt is great for a range of different substrate materials including concrete and steel deck flat roofing on garages, sheds, flat roof extensions and more. If you are installing on a timber flat roof, you should never apply a torch directly to the deck or any other areas of a timber substrate, even if it has received the correct pre-treatment.

If you're undertaking repair work on an existing roof, you should be able to torch over the old felt with your new materials. However, if the current roof is in bad condition, it will need to be removed and you'll have to start from scratch with your torch-on installation.

What Equipment Do I Require?

At Roofgiant you can find the correct torch-on roofing felt for thermal application in our Roof Felt section. Discover Thermo-Adhesive Flat Roof membranes with smart heat activated adhesives and premium Charcoal Capsheets from Esterdan. You will also discover a range of other torch-on products from Forceline which can offer a huge 50-year life expectancy when installed.

Cromar Bitumen Primer is a remedial roof treatment for non-porous roof surfaces, designed to be used as part of your new or existing torch-on installation.

You can also find desired blow torch parts, accessories and complete kits in our Gas, Torches & Accessories range. Browse trusted brands including CMS Tools, Sievert and GR√úN, all chosen to deal with any professional level of heating task or demand during your next project.