Green, living, or sedum roofs are cultivating a huge and ever-growing following thanks to a huge range of benefits to the environment, the building structure, and your overall quality of life.

At Roof Giant, we stock Lindum Green and Wildflower Roof Packages containing everything you need to install a stunning and fully-functioning eco-roof, in a range of sizes to suit your intended roof space.

So if you thought green roofs were just a quirky visual design trend, allow us to take you through all the key reasons, benefits, advantages and assets to installing one today...

#1. Increases the lifespan of the roof. Your roof surface is a bare face to harsh weather and glaring sunlight; the constant exposure to wind, rain and erratic temperature changes can accelerate the aging process of your roof, requiring more and more maintenance as years go by. By installing a green roof you are providing a natural shield of vegetation against the elements, making your roof last up to 3 times longer.

#2. Reduces energy costs. Green roofs insulate a building effectively, absorbing the sun's heat in the dense, shady layers of flowers and greenery. This could reduce energy output and running costs from fans and air-conditioning systems during the summer and also help to lower air pollution and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

#3. Tackles the Urban Heat Island Effect. A phenomenon that illuminates the stark temperature difference between warmer built-up city areas and the comparatively cooler surrounding rural areas. The UHI effect can impact human health, elevate air pollution in urban areas, damage ecosystems and cause energy consumption to escalate. By installing a green roof, the vegetation will help cool your home and the surrounding air through evapotranspiration, working to lower the overall impact of the UHI effect.

#4. Purifies and improves air quality. Air pollution is responsible for approximately seven million deaths worldwide every year, and according to WHO, '9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants.' A green roof’s flowers, grasses and plant life help to clean the air, remove air particulates, generate oxygen, and provide cooling shade.

#5 Adds value to your home. With an increasing modern awareness of environmental issues and an ever-expanding green market, more than ever people are looking out for eco-friendly qualities when buying a new home. Thanks to their natural, eye-catching appearance and energy-saving potential, green roofs are now seen as a desirable feature to many looking at prospective homes.

#6. Seals in heat during winter. Around one-quarter of energy is lost through your roof, but by installing a green roof you're creating another layer of insulation, enhancing thermal efficiency and sealing in heat during cold winter months.

#7. A habitat for wildlife. Create a thriving natural environment for birds, butterflies, bees and many more animals and insects from your rooftop space. By installing one of our green roof packages you're helping to sustain the natural ecosystem even in the heart of a city.

#8. Insulates against noise pollution. Standard hard roof surfaces tend to deflect sound rather than insulate against it, but the combined substrate, vegetation and air trapping that makes up a green roof acts as an effective sound barrier, particularly in noisy city areas.

#9. Storm and rain runoff retention. The nonporous roofs, streets and walkways of a city can create a phenomenal amount of runoff, causing flooding, pollution and infrastructural problems such as overflowing sewers and drains. Green roofs can help to offset these issues, storing the first 5mm or so of rainfall, slowing peak runoff. Depending on what kind of vegetation your have on your roof and the density, green roofs can also retain up to 70% - 80% of the runoff during the summer months and as much as 40% in winter.

#10. Improves the visual appeal of a building. Green roofs add another attractive level to any home, office or structure that typically lacks appeal or a sense of visual identity. They can either make a building stand out in grey city centres or blend into luscious rural environments.

#11. Improves health and productivity. Being surrounded by green roofs in oppressive city backdrops can not only make for a cleaner, healthier city to live, commute and work in, it can also be hugely beneficial to your mental health, with many studies making the link between the presence of green space and overall happiness, wellbeing and protection against stress, depression and anxiety.