When it comes to finishing off a parapet upstand or boundary wall on a flat roof, traditional coping stones are often the most popular choice. However, it's time to consider a brilliant, highly practical and modern alternative in your next project... and that's aluminium coping.

Whether you're commencing a new refurbishment or an existing retrofit job, aluminium coping stones provide a smart capped look with a range of other benefits that will be of significant value to the installer.

If you haven't yet tried aluminium coping or are perhaps uncertain about the quality and authenticity of it as a coping material, Roof Giant are here to put your mind at ease. In our latest blog, we explore the best reasons to buy aluminium coping from industry-leaders, Alumasc Skyline. Find out how aluminium coping offers you a lot more than meets the eye...

What Is The Purpose Of Coping?

Before we delve into the details, it's important to establish why coping is so crucial to a wall's top facing surfaces. Coping is simply a length of suitable material used to cap the wall top for both visual and practical weatherproofing purposes.

Once installed, your flat roofing wall project will not only look fantastic, the coping will also allow water to run off its surface, as opposed to water saturating the structural materials. The central function of coping is to be weatherproof, or as weatherproof as possible, which can be difficult as the external coping faces are constantly exposed to the elements. But this is where aluminium coping comes into effect.

#1. Highly Durable

Aluminium is one of the most reliable outdoor materials. It's robust, corrosion resistant and very popular for many different construction projects. With minimal maintenance needed, it boasts a 40-year life expectancy in rural and suburban areas (25 in industrial/marine areas) without degrading in exposure. This makes aluminium coping a great choice that will hold up exceptionally well against wind, rain and harsh UV rays throughout the year.

If you need to restore or smarten up the finish of your Alumasc Skyline Aluminium Coping installation, use our Aluminium Touch Up Paint, available in various colours to match your project perfectly.

#2. Lightweight & Easy To Use

When compared to heavier natural stones and casted coping stones, aluminium is far lighter and easier to use. It's more convenient and practical to work with than other cumbersome materials and can also be carried and transported with reduced effort.

#3. Economical

Stone is expensive. Occasionally you'll want to spend extra so you can achieve the right visual aesthetic, but aluminium is a more affordable material that will suit most common capping and coping jobs perfectly.

#4. Faster Installation

Aluminium Flat Roof Wall Copings from Alumasc will streamline the install process, making it simple and more straightforward. These copings are fitted with special strap fixings that won't require penetration to the capping and will also allow ventilation over the top of the wall. The end result is a reliable, weatherproof covering to upstand parapets.

#5. Eco-Friendly

Alumasc Aluminium Coping is made from 100% recyclable material. The brand is also proactive in implementing sustainable practices in their manufacturing process and are working to save resources and reduce energy in their supplier's production.

#6. Versatile

Whether you're working on a new build or existing refurbishment project, aluminium coping adapts to most coping project requirements. The sleek, simple and reliable qualities of aluminium coping will be in keeping with almost all flat roof parapet walls. Aluminium will always accentuate the surrounding edges of modern flat roofs but can also be used in a range of other projects due to the smooth, minimal and visually appealing design.

#7. Available In Many Different Sizes & Colours

With a range of thicknesses and colours available, Aluminium Coping from Alumasc will give your next project a visually desirable finish and a perfect fit. Whatever the size or spec, discover exactly what you need at Roof Giant. Browse different angles, lengths and junctions as well as an assortment of colours such as Metallic Silver, Black, Slate Grey and more.