Whether you're looking into zinc, copper or stainless steel systems, metal guttering is an incredibly popular choice among professional roofers and homeowners alike. Offering a range of special advantages over many generic or base-level guttering options, metal gutters are a truly valuable roofing investment that you should be taking advantage of today.

From visual aesthetics to long-lasting quality, discover why you need to install a metal guttering system with Roof Giant's 8 brilliant installation benefits...

#1. A Wide Range Of Options

At Roof Giant, we offer three incredible metal guttering options to choose from, including Coppa Gutta, Zinc Gutta and Stainless Steel Gutta. These brands each have a unique visual appearance to match perfectly to your home or latest project, no matter if it's ultra modern or classic and traditional in nature.

#2. Designed To Last A Lifetime

Unlike low-grade plastics that can split and degrade over time, metal guttering is made from materials that are tried and tested against the weather elements. Once installed, they'll hold up to extreme weather, regular rainwater and consistently damp conditions for decades.

#3. Visual Beauty

It goes without saying, but it's worth emphasising the aesthetic value of metal guttering. Choosing the correct finish to match your roofline can add a level of sophistication and premium detail to your property. Ordinary plastic often skirts unappealingly around the perimeter of your home, but metal guttering can be dressed to look both contemporary and appropriately classic, depending on your home.

#4. Natural & Eco-Friendly

One of the most important benefits of installing metal guttering is that it's kind to the environment. Not only does metal guttering rarely need to be replaced over the course of a lifetime, but materials such as zinc, copper and steel are 100% recyclable and therefore can be replaced and reused sustainably.

Plastics, on the other hand, can splinter and smash on impact, with sharp pieces finding their way into your garden and surrounding natural environments, posing problems to the ecosystem and potentially causing harm to animals.

#5. Very Low Maintenance

If you're tired of clearing out debris from your ordinary plastic gutter or don't enjoy installing gutter brushes and guards, then you're in luck. Metal guttering requires virtually no maintenance as it's much less susceptible to getting clogged with debris. Rarely will you find yourself clearing out leaves, twigs and other material, as it will usually wash through your system without a problem.

#6. Easier To Install & Transport

Many of Roof Giant's Large Box Guttering products are supplied in 2.4m lengths, making it very simple and convenient to install. Also, downpipes are available with swaged lengths at one end so they can easily push-fit together.

#7. Fungistatic

Materials such as zinc and copper are poisonous to moss, fungi and algae and will therefore prevent the accumulation of mould and mildew. This will reduce the need for maintenance and also help contribute to the long life of your metal guttering.

#8. Won't Warp, Won't Rust

The metal guttering offered at Roof Giant won't warp, distort or curl strangely, unlike poorly or cheaply made plastic gutter offerings. The metal finishes are resistant to rust and corrosion due to their high quality composition. In fact, finishes such as copper may develop an attractive patina as time passes.