INSTA-STIK Wand & Hose Kit
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Roofing Adhesive Wand and Hose Kit is for the application of Insta Stik Roofing Adhesive 13.5kg, specially formulated polyurethane foam adhesive for the purpose of adhering rigid insulation boards to flat roofs. 

INSTA-STIK™ is applied in beads to the underlying substrate prior to placing the insulation boards. Walking of the boards is required thereafter until the adhesive has "cured" (20- 45 minutes) to ensure good adhesion and level joints.

Directions for use

  1. Remove INSTA-STIK™ tank from the carton. Shake vigorously for a minimum of one minute using a side-to-side motion before attaching hose.
  2. Attach the swivel hose fitting on the end of the dispensing hose to the threaded part of th e tank valve. Once it is seated properly, tighten securely.
  3. Make sure the brass ON/OFF trigger valve attached to the dispensing hose is in the OFF position.
  4. Attach the double threaded wand to the dispensing hose ON/OFF trigger valve. Hand tighten.
  5. Slowly open the valve at the top of the tank until it is completely open whilst checking for leaks. If there are leaks, stop and retighten all joints, ensuring no cross threading, then re-check. If there are no leaks, INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD is ready for use.
  6. Before dispensing INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD, slowly move the ON/OFF trigger valve towards the ON position. Flow may be controlled by this ON/OFF valve.
  7. About five seconds before you want the flow of INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD to stop, close the ON/OFF valve by moving the trigger valve to the OFF position. It is normal for a small amount of adhesive to flow from the nozzle after the valve is closed.
  8. Dispense INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD onto the substrate. NOTE: INSTA-STIK™ can also be applied on to the insulation board. Where possible beads should run across the width of the insulation boards rather than the length. How to use INSTA-STIK Roofing STD How to use INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD.
  9. When applying INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD, the insulation boards must be placed end to-end with staggered joints in alternating rows. Set boards into the adhesive beads ideally within three minutes and then, for maximum contact, walk on the boards immediately to spread the beads. Continue to walk on the insulation boards every 5-7 minutes until the insulation is firmly attached, which can take between 20-45 minutes. NOTE: Humidity directly affects curing time. In low humidity conditions, INSTA-STIK™ adhesive will take longer to cure.
  10. After emptying an INSTA-STIK™ Roofing tank remove the wand and hose and attach to a new INSTA-STIK™ Roofing STD tank. Procedure: Close tank valve, open ON/OFF trigger valve to release residual pressure. Undo the swivel hose fitting from the tank and transfer to a new tank. Dispense some INSTA-STIK™ immediately.
  11. Before disposal, open the trigger valve to release any residual pressure and place the tank upside down in the original carton.

Please note, if you are buying multiple Instar items please contact us as we may be able to confirm a lower carriage charge.

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Just what we neededReviewed by Randhroofing33 on 22 Jul 2021

These kits arrived as promised, and are great to use, this is the second time we have ordered these!


Amazing stuffReviewed by Thom.zwolinski on 07 Apr 2021

Perfect product perfect price


Great ProductReviewed by Porter.w1 on 08 Jul 2020

Much easier to use than any other glue gun.

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