In an ever-expanding world of roof coverings, corrugated roofing sheets may seem like the modern, practical, low-cost and no-frills alternative to more attractive and sophisticated roof structures. As it stands corrugated roof sheets are soaring in popularity, particularly among homeowners who have been completely won over by the unique benefits and incredible versatility of corrugated roofing sheets.

One of the biggest barriers to purchase with corrugated roofing sheets is the misconception that they are an inferior alternative to roof tiles and other more complex roofing systems - and are therefore somehow not particularly desirable. However, modern corrugated roofing sheets are actually far more effective, efficient and adaptive than you might think. They are also available in many materials, finishes, colours and sizes - suiting the needs of many homeowners, roofing professionals and DIY-ers alike.

All these contemporary corrugated roofing sheet options all share that distinctive wave profile... So, why are roofing sheets usually corrugated in the first place?

In our latest blog, Roof Giant will give you the answer to this frequently-asked roof sheeting question and explain how it unlocks the secrets to many essential benefits to using corrugated roof sheets in your next roofing project.

Why Do Roofing Sheets Usually Have A Corrugated Profile?

Corrugated sheets are defined by that characteristic wave pattern, consisting of alternating ridges and valleys that undulate in a parallel configuration. This corrugated shape is far stronger than flat sheeting profiles, giving your corrugated sheets a rigidity across the whole length of the sheet that will help to prevent the sheeting from bending, weakening and ultimately failing.

A corrugated roofing sheet profile is designed in this way to offer a wide range of incredible additional benefits to many roofers of all levels; from skilled contractors to those trying to fix a shed roof in their back garden and everything in between:

  • Corrugated Sheets Are Incredibly Tough: As previously mentioned, the corrugated profile is a clever design that bolsters the strength and stiffness of your roof sheet. Once installed, corrugated sheets are incredibly hardwearing, resistant to the weather elements and other damage that you'd expect from the wear and tear of life outdoors.
  • A Brilliant Roof Water Drainage Solution: Corrugated roof sheets channel rainwater quickly and efficiently off of your roof. Each undulating corrugation creates a direct route for water to channel into your roof's guttering system, giving you an uncomplicated and very effective drainage option.
  • Easy To Install: One of the simplest roofing systems you can install - fitting and securing corrugated sheets is very straightforward compared to other types of roofing. You'll find handling, over-lapping and fixing your corrugated sheets to be an easy and intuitive process for a wide range of different roofing jobs.
  • Low On Leakages: A corrugated profile allows for natural heat-induced expansion and contraction, making leak risks less likely. In fact, if your roof is leaking, it will most likely be down to a simple failure with your screw fixings as opposed to anything else.
  • Affordability: Corrugated roof sheets are far more cost-effective than many other roofing materials and replacement of any broken or worn out panels is going to be a far more economical affair when compared to maintaining and repairing more traditional roofing systems.
  • Versatility: Depending on what you opt for, corrugated sheeting has a staggering range of uses. From canopies and carports to rooflights, cold frames, side cladding, porches, plant houses and covered walkways, this sensational sheeting option will adapt brilliantly to many different project requirements.

What We Offer...

Corrugated roof sheets also come in a range of different materials and finishes to tailor to your latest project. From PVC and bitumen to fibre cement roof sheeting, Roof Giant have a wide range of stunning corrugated roof sheeting styles to meet your exact visual and practical requirements.

PVC Sheeting

This affordable, lightweight and transparent roofing solution makes Vistalux, RoofPro, Corolux and Mistral absolute must-haves for many different projects. Easy to work with using standard DIY tools, while also being UV resistant and largely self-cleaning, you can also purchase corresponding Vistalux PVC Roofing Sheet Super Fixings and Vistalux PVC Eaves Fillers to complete your Vistalux PVC Roof Sheet project when you shop at Roof Giant.

Corrugated Bitumen Red Roofing Sheet

Our durable organic fibre roofing sheet is rot resistant, water resistant and will last for years once installed. The bitumen-infused design can also be easily cut-to-fit with a saw, and once installed, will allow air to circulate along the eaves. Remember to pick up your Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet Fixing Nails, Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet Edge Pieces and Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet Ridge Tiles when you shop at Roof Giant.

Eternit Profile 6 Fibre Cement Roofing Sheet

For a more high-end roof sheet offering, our Eternit Profile 6 Fibre Cement Roofing Sheet is a super strength, chemical and fungal resistant option that is great for farm settings and will even remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Made with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run the full length of the sheet for impact resistance, this is a must-have choice for roofing jobs that require extra durability, quality and resilience.