Have you used Promat Masterboard for any of your projects yet? We’re really pleased to be able to offer our customers such a versatile product. Promat Masterboard is a multi-purpose board suitable for a variety of applications offering up to 30 minutes of fire resistance.

Promat Masterboard is also moisture and impact resistant. It is constructed of calcium silicate board, reinforced with selected fibres and fillers. You’ll be glad to know it’s formulated without inorganic fibres or formaldehyde. It’s off-white in colour and has a smooth, unsanded front face with a sanded reverse face. You can leave it undecorated or decorate it with paints, wallpapers or tiles, according to yours or your customers taste.


  • Partitions.
  • Ceilings.
  • Swimming pool ceilings and wall linings.
  • Wall & roof linings.
  • Soffit, porch or canopy linings.
  • Service duct and pipe covers.
  • Boiler and airing cupboard linings.
  • Door upgrades.
  • Tile backing.
  • Wet rooms.


  • Up to 30 minutes fire resistance.
  • Easy to cut, drill and shape.
  • Suitable for areas of high humidity.
  • Multi-purpose internal and semi-exposed applications.
  • Class 0 Building Regulations.
  • Limited combustibility.
  • BBA Certified.

Are Promat’s products and systems subject to third party testing and accreditation?

In the UK, Promat endorses the use of third-party accreditation bodies such as CERTIFIRE and the Fire Accreditation Scheme (FIRAS) and believes the credibility given by authorities like these gives the whole marketplace confidence in not only the product, but also the installation. Promat continue to push the development of fire protection systems further, constantly searching for improvement for the construction industry as a whole through representation at trade associations, BSI and CEN technical committees.

Watch the video below to find out more about Promat passive fire protection.

Our expert team are always on hand to offer advice and information on the Promat products that are available at Roofgiant and the passive fire protection they offer, email sales@roofgiant.com to find out more.

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