Isover Metac is a high-performance acoustic and thermal solution for pitched roofs and loft-living. It wasn’t only designed to provide enhanced thermal efficiency, Metac also delivers outstanding acoustic reductions of 49 dB (Rw), helping to reduce any unwanted outside noise while creating a well-insulated living space.


We know that many homeowners living in loft spaces are often affected by external noise such as aircraft, traffic and weather. Unlike many other insulating materials, Metac not only offers thermal comfort, but also helps to reduce external noise. Independent testing has shown that when installed into a pitched roof at rafter level, Metac can provide a weighted sound reduction of 49 dB (Rw)*.


Metac has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK. It can be installed in a range of pitched roof rafter systems to meet and exceed building regulations.


It’s a great value solution compared to other insulation materials. It also generates minimal waste during installation and any offcuts can be re-used within tighter rafter spaces, unlike other insulation materials in this application.

Quick and easy to install

Metac is quick and easy to handle and cut. It doesn’t ‘slump’ when installed and can be easily friction fitted between rafters minimising air gaps.


You’ll be glad to know Metac is eco-friendly, it’s made from up to 80% recycled content.


Metac is classed as non-combustible, achieving an A1 Euroclass rating, the best attainable.