Do you know how to install Actis Boost’R Hybrid Roof? It’s a thin, multifoil insulation product with a built-in breather membrane function and exceptional thermal performance.

Boost’R Hybrid provides dual properties with a single product: a breathable membrane and insulation, allowing a reduction in the number of installation steps whilst reducing the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U-value. It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation. Actis’ Hybrid insulation products have all had their performance levels tested and approved both in the laboratory according to EN 16012 European standard, and in-situ according to ISO 9869.

Key features of Actis Boost’R Hybrid roof
- CE mark as roof underlayment and rainscreen.
- Water vapour permeability to prevent any risk of condensation.
- Intrinsically waterproof and airtight.
- Space saving.

For 35 years, Actis has been developing insulation products using effective solutions. Actis specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative building insulation products for roofs, walls, lofts and floors and offers comprehensive, easy to install, cost-effective systems ideal for both refurbishment and new build. All their products are designed to make the customer’s life easier and to guarantee maximum comfort and efficacy in the long term.

Actis has 4 main commitments for their overall development and growth:
- Insulation must provide results above all.
- Insulation is nothing without airtightness.
- The comfort and health of both installers and end-users are important in regards to insulation.
- Insulation products can only really be assessed once they have been installed.

Watch the video below to find out how to install Boost’R Hybrid roof.