We’re very pleased to offer Ubbink products to our customers. Ubbink was founded in the Netherlands in 1896 and Ubbink UK was founded in 1976. Their products are all characterised by their high performance and sustainability. They create a fantastic range of roofing products, specifically non-lead flashing, plastic roof ventilation products and accessories and solar PV roof mounting kits.

You can purchase a wide range of Ubbink products from Roofgiant, including Ubbink DOS10 and DOS25.

Ubbink DOS10 and DOS25 are both over fascia ventilation strips. They have both been designed with a radiused leading edge to protect the felt and have integral large insect and vermin inhibitors. They’re made out of black polypropylene and are suitable for new build and refurbishment projects.

  • DOS10 is 28mm high x 35mm deep x 1.0m or 500mm long. The strips lock together and provide 10,000mm² per metre of continuous ventilation.
  • DOS25 is 32mm high x 35mm deep x 1.0m or 500mm long. The strips lock together and provide 25,000mm² per metre of continuous ventilation.

Watch the video below to find out more about how to install these products.

Ubbink fascia ventilation strips are just some of the fantastic Ubbink products you’ll find on the Roofgiant website. Other products include:

  • Ubbink flat roof terminals
  • Ubbink water expansion pipes
  • Ubbink inline vents
  • Ubbink hooded ubivents
  • Ubbink reducers

…..and many more!

To find out more about installing Ubbink fascia vents and other Ubbink products, contact sales@roofgiant.com or visit our website.

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