ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip
ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 1ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 2ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 3ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 4ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 5ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 6ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 7ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 8ClassicBond EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal with Adjustable Hose Clip additional 9

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The EPDM Waterproof Pipe Boot Seal is designed to create a dependable waterproof seal between the roof deck and protruding pipework and is very easy to install.

Installation Notes:

1. After installing the roofing membrane place the pipe boot in position by sliding it over the drain or pipe. You may need to cut to required diameter

2. Mark the roofing membrane to show where rubber primer is to be applied

3. Remove boot and apply rubber primer

4. Wait until primer is touch dry and then re-install the pipe boot positioning over the pipe and onto the roof membrane

5.Smooth down the join with a seam roller

6. Roll back the top of the boot and apply water cut off mastic around the pipe

7. Roll back top of boot over mastic and install and tighten hose clip using screw driver.

Size Options:

  • 12mm - 75mm
  • 25mm - 150mm

“Please note our supplier has 2 manufacturers for this product, the specification and appearance is identical.”

ClassicBond FAQs

What is The Life Expectancy of EPDM Rubber Roofs?

EPDM Rubber roofs have a 50 year life expectancy.

Is There A Right Side Up When Installing ClassicBond EPDM Membranes?

Classicbond EPDM membranes are identical on both sides so there is no right or wrong side when installing this product. It is important to bear in mind that sometimes there may be a small amount of manufacturer writing printed on one side of the rubber membrane; if this is the case we recommend installing this side down onto the deck so that the clear side is only visible. 

Does It Have To Be Dry For EPDM Roofing To Be Laid?

EPDM membranes require the substrate to be dry prior to installation so that the adhesive & primers can effectively bond the rubber to the roof deck. EPDM products will not adhere to wet or damp surfaces. It is important to bear in mind that trapped moisture within the deck may vaporize and negatively affect the performance of the membrane. 

Can EPDM Withstand Hard Impacts From Outside Conditions? 

Along with a life expectancy of 50 years and beyond, EPDM rubber can stand up to quite some force from outside elements.

Why Have Bubbles Appeared On The Edge Of My Newly Laid EPDM Rubber Roof?

Occasionally, bubbles and blisters can appear around the perimeter of the EPDM rubber roof just after it's been fitted. There are a few reasons why this can happen, the Contact Adhesive could have been applied too thick, or if it has not been allowed enough time to properly tack-off.

Is it safe to walk on an EPDM rubber roof?

EPDM rubber membrane is an extremely tough material that will easily handle light foot traffic, such as when it's being installed. However, it is important to make sure no sharp objects are introduced onto the membrane from boots or tools.

Which Thickness of rubber roofing membrane should I buy?

Both the 1.2mm and 1.5mm EPDM rubber membranes are perfect for residential and commercial projects alike. 1.2mm membrane is a trusted product by our roofing customers and our most popular item for a good reason. 1.5mm membrane tends to lay a little easier due to the thickness and can also provide a smoother looking finished flat roof. We would recommend 1.5mm if there is going to be anything overlayed on top of the rubber like decking, screed and tiles or even a green roof.

Can EPDM Sheets Be Joined?    

Yes. This is useful for roofs larger than the sheet size, or if it's easier to install in smaller sections.

Are The EPDM Membranes Guaranteed?

A 20 year guarantee is available to all certified installers who have attended a training course.

Does EPDM rubber have a factory join?

Yes it has a galvanised factory join, which has no detriment to the integrity of the membrane or join.

Can I Install Tiles Or Slabs Onto An EPDM Rubber Roof?

Yes, slabs or tiles can be installed on top of an EPDM flat roof.

Is The ClassicBond Membrane Available In Different Colours?

No, the membrane is only available in slate grey.

Is ClassicBond EPDM BBA Certified?

Yes, ClassicBond membrane holds the BBA certificate, No. 11/4853 (issued to Flex-R Ltd). It also holds fire ratings for each of the thicknesses available.

Do I need any special tools for my EPDM roof?

A 9" roller set, mini roller and brush for applying the adhesive, and scissors or a blade to trim any excess rubber. A seam roller and a penny roller are also useful.

Can I install a different substrate like cement screed or a green roof on top of a EPDM rubber membrane?

Yes, this is an option with the 1.5mm EPDM rubber. However, it's recommended to use something like a Geotextile fleece laid on top, rather than placing anything directly on the rubber.

How much overhang do I need on the membrane?

As a general rule, around 300mm on the length and width, which will give you 150mm tolerance on all sides.

What temperatures can EPDM rubber withstand?

EPDM rubber can withstand temperature ranges from -40ºC to +120ºC.

How heavy is the membrane?

To work out the weight of rubber, multiply the total square metre by 1.5 for a 1.2mm membrane and multiply by 2.0 for 1.5mm membrane.

Is there a minimum pitch required to install EPDM rubber?

The minimum pitch is 5 degrees and the maximum is 15 degrees. If the pitch is higher than 15 degrees, the EPDM will need to be laid with contact adhesive only.

What surfaces can EPDM rubber be bonded to?

  • Timber under 100sqm / Water Based Adhesive
  • Timber over 100sqm / Contact Adhesive or Spray Contact
  • Glass - Contact Adhesive or Spray Contact
  • GRP - Contact Adhesive or Spray Contact
  • Metal - Contact Adhesive or Spray Contact
  • Tissue Faced Insulation - Contact Adhesive or Spray Contact
  • Felt or Asphalt - Not Recommended

Please note: Upstands and perimeter are always bonded with contact bonding adhesive or spray contact.

What kind of temperature can EPDM rubber be installed in?

Anything above 4 degrees will be OK.

My roof has a small hole which is causing a leak, how easy is it to repair this?

One of the benefits of EPDM is that it can be repaired very quickly and easily. A small hole or rip can be sealed with a patch repair kit.

Can EPDM rubber be painted?

Yes, but using acrylic based paint only.

ClassicBond Pro FAQs

What adhesive do I use when bonding Classicbond Pro EPDM?

For OSB3 / Plywood boards, then water based glue only. For any other substrate you can use PU deck adhesive.

Is Classicbond Pro Fire rated and BBA Certified?

Yes, ClassicBond Pro EPDM holds the BBA certificate, No. 11/4853 (issued to Flex-R Ltd). It also holds fire ratings Broof T4.

What are the benefits of Classicbond Pro over regular Classicbond?

Because it's a fleece reinforced membrane, this feature allows it to be bonded directly to a felt substrate, which you can't do with regular Classicbond EPDM rubber. It's Ideal for a repair, renewal or a new build.

What's is the life expectancy of Classicbond Pro?

It has a life expectancy of 50 years.

Does Classicbond Pro possess thermal properties?

The fleece is there to allow the membrane to be laid directly onto different substrates like felt, not for any thermal properties.

Does Classicbond Pro possess U Value?

The U Value of the Classicbond Pro is not something that is tested because it doesn't serve that purpose.

How do you join other parts of the Classicbond Pro where this no 3 inch tape applied?

You will need to use 6 inch tape to run along the whole ends where there isn't 3 inch tape pre-installed. You will also require 9 inch tape corner patches to seal any cross junctions / butt ends.

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