We’re very pleased to announce you can order Cromar products from Roofgiant! Formed in 1997, Cromar’s extensive range provides both professionals and DIY-ers with a trusted brand for all flat and pitched roofing products along with a portfolio of building chemicals, adhesives, sealants, tools and accessories.

Supplying through the UK and Ireland, Cromar provides its customers with exceptional quality and value products. At a time of continuing mergers, acquisitions and consequent reduction in supplier choice, they take pride in the fact they are still independently owned which gives them better flexibility when it comes to responding quickly to new and changing customer needs.

Cromar’s continuous investment in research and development enables them to extend their diverse portfolio of products manufactured at their North Yorkshire base. They currently manufacture over 70% of their product range at their base in North Yorkshire. The highlight of which is their membrane plant, installed in 2009 it features state of the art machinery unique to Cromar in the UK. They work to make continuous plant and machinery improvements to ensure they reach peak efficiency and production yields to meet growing customer demands. This is why they offer not only of the largest ranges in the industry but one which can be guaranteed to be at the forefront of new developments.

You’ll be glad to know they have BBA approval on many of their roofing products including their Vent3 breathable membranes and GRP Valleys, all maintained continually with good working practices and manufacturing at the highest standards. They also have full CE marking on their building admixtures and silicones.

One of our favourite Cromar products is Pro GRP Resin. It’s a speciality resin that is part of the GRP roofing system. It is cold applied and easy to form around complex situations, durable and able to resist heavy foot traffic. Fire resistant it gives a ultra hard finish. The PROGRP system is suitable for virtually all roof types, and the perfect solution to problems often associated with leaking bitumen roofs.

To learn more about our range of Cromar products and find out which ones are right for your project, email sales@roofgiant.com

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