We’re delighted that Danelaw have released a new product guide for their roofing and ventilation products for slate roofs.

Danelaw; a brand by Hambleside Danelaw Ltd, is the market leader for its range of flashing, ventilation and roofing accessories. Within the extensive Danelaw range, you’ll find products that have been expertly designed and manufactured to suit slate roof practice throughout the British Isles.

Danelaw has a continuous product development programme which places them at the forefront of the roofing supplies industry.

Their latest product guide for roofing and ventilation products for slate roofs showcases the variety of products suited for slate roofs including those designed to suit Scottish practice.

Of course, the primary function of a slate roof is to provide shelter from the elements such as rain, wind and snow. For centuries, the application of slate roofs has proven to be successful, with a host of advantages, including:

- Unaffected by extreme temperatures, therefore suitable for any climate - Fire resistant

- Expected to last for many years and keep its colour

- Proven method of application and fixing

- Non-porous and allows for water to flow off the roof

- High resistance to acid and alkali chemicals

- Very light in comparison to other forms of roof covering, therefore saving on the time and cost of the roof structure

We’re proud to stock a full range of Danelaw products on our website. Whether it’s a new build, a restoration or simply a repair job, it’s important to use quality products on your roofing project. Danelaw products will not only be effective but also cost-efficient, quick and simple to install and provide long-term protection.Product Guide

If you’d like advice on which products are right for your project, email our expert team sales@roofgiant.com