We’re pleased to announce that we recently added FG 35 Surface Primer from Carlisle construction materials to the Roofgiant site!

FG 35 is a ready-to-use solvent containing primer based on synthetic rubber and resins. It’s made to be used in combination with self-adhesive Resitrix waterproofing membranes and Alutrix vapour barrier membranes on a wide variety of substrates. It’s quick drying too! The drying time of just 35 minutes in the processing of FG 35 is still unbeaten by alternative brands. The primer must be touch dry prior to applying membrane.

Internal test runs have also shown that FG 35 has better adhesion on bituminous substrates compared to other commercially available primers by a factor of 8-10. This also applies to the bonding in the vertical level, such as attics, dome lights and chimneys.

Where can I apply FG 35 surface primer?

  • Metallic substrates
  • Bituminous materials
  • Wood / wood materials
  • Solid materials
  • Plastics (except soft PVC)
  • Insulating materials (except unlaminated polystyrene rigid foam panels)

What are the benefits of applying FG 35 with a spraying device or spray can?

  • Superior spraying
  • Fast air-drying
  • Even application
  • Consumption is considerably reduced
  • Can be walked on after drying without any problems
  • No additional heavy equipment, such as compressors, necessary
  • Custom-made CARLISLE® backpack increases the working speed and makes work a great deal easier.

Carlisle Academy provides industry-leading training to roofing professionals delivered by the professionals. The product training includes Resitrix, Hertalan, RhinoBond and Aluxtrix.

Watch the video below to learn how to safely and efficiently use FG 35 surface primer.