We’re really excited to announce that Carlisle Alutrix and Resitrix are now available at Roofgiant! Carlisle is Europe’s leading manufacturer of EDPM waterproofing membranes. Their roots reach all the way back to 1856, when they manufactured simple rubber shoes for the Hamburg market. A few spin-offs, name changes and 156 years later, their products are cutting-edge, forward-thinking and flexible.

Resitrix® SKW Full Bond

Resitrix® SKW Full Bond is a fully self-adhesive, hot air-weldable and root-resistant EPDM waterproofing membrane with FLL test certificate and approval according to DIN EN 13948.

It is therefore particularly suited to full-surface bonding and all types of green roof too. 

Resitrix® SKW Full Bond is also suitable for infiltration-proof waterproofing in the building waterproofing sector.

  • Certified service life of more than 50 years and also named the only product of its kind for joining seams (according to a study conducted by the German Plastics Centre).
  • Simple and safe installation without any need for naked flames.
  • 100% leak-tight welded seam – simple visual inspection.
  • Sustainable (EPD-certified and DGNB-compliant). 

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Alutrix 600 vapour barrier

Alutrix 600 vapour barrier is an effective, cold-applied and self-adhesive vapour barrier membrane. It’s been developed to meet the special challenges encountered on profiled steel sheets. It has a higher than average tensile strength and can, therefore, be walked and stepped on.

In addition to the vapour barrier function, at the same time, Alutrix 600 forms an airtight layer in line with the Energy Saving Regulations. It can easily be used on structures that are exposed to high levels of stress due to humidity, such as inside breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens or bathrooms.

If you’d like to find out more information about Carlisle Alutrux and Resitrix and their suitability or your next project, email our expert team sales@roofgiant.com

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