Green, living or sedum - no matter what you call your eco-roofing system, they're growing in popularity and flourishing all over the world with loads of environmentally friendly benefits.

Amongst the grey-glass backdrop of many modern cities, rooftops are becoming more and more biodiverse, bringing air purifying, mood-enhancing greenery into colourless urban surroundings - but it doesn't stop there. Eco-roofs also attribute to soundproofing, improved roof insulation and even add value to your home...

But it's time to look at green roofs on a larger, more ambitious scale - and that's why Roof Giant has put together some of the most unique, daring and simply magnificent examples from around the world.

Chicago City Hall

The Conservation Design Forum converted the 11-story city hall's rooftop into a thriving 20,000 plant surface. Apart from its stunning visual appeal, the roof also retains "75% of a 1 inch rainfall before there is stormwater runoff into the sewers."


ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall, Japan

Visionary green architect Emilio Ambasz took a 100,000-square-meter park in the city center and reconfigured it into the 15 stepped terrace design of the hall. The green space is now home to 50,000 plants thanks to birds transferring seeds onto the steps and, following a thermal environment measurement study, the green roof has proved to have suppressed "a rise in surrounding air temperature."


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

One of the top 15 most beautiful universities in the world, this eco-sustainable campus is home to a 45 degree sloping green roof that keeps the surrounding temperatures low and blends seamlessly with the environment. It also comes with a rain collection system and rain sensors, while the turf itself consists of Zoysia matrella and Ophiopogon.


Sky Garden House, Singapore

Designed to improve the occupant's quality of life, the stunning Sky Garden House was created by Guz Architects and features a number of tiers of green space. Perfectly suited to Singapore's tropical climate, the Sky Garden House's verdant surfaces help to relieve the stress put on drainage systems during periods of intense rainstorms.


"The Hill" Taoyuan Museum of Art Concept, Taiwan

Joe Shih Architects and Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop won the international competition to design the Museum of Art, featuring an upward sloping green roof to create a "continuity" with the surrounding environment.


The Vancouver Convention Centre

The living roof on this convention centre is a flourishing environment for birds, insects and other small living creatures, featuring 400,000 plants and grasses derived from the Gulf Islands. The roof works to reduce heat by up to 95% in the summer and prevents against heat loss by 26% in the winter.


Seattle Art Museum: Olympic Sculpture Park

The striking Z-shaped green roof platform is described as a "landscape for art" in which sculptures and other works of art can be arranged in a way to allow for different presentations and multiple interpretations.


Javits Convention Center, New York

Conceived by architect James Ingo Freed, the stunningly modern green roof is one of the largest in the USA, stretching 6.75-acres across in a distinctive block configuration. The roof also works to reduce energy consumption throughout the centre and is home to an array of abundant wildlife, including birds, bats and honeybees,