Installing a roof effectively and safely requires a number of different roofing tools and accessories, ensuring the success and quality of your project at hand

At Roofgiant we stock an extensive range of Roofing Tools organised according to your individual needs and requirements, giving you great products to suit your budget and roofing task, saving you both time and money along the way.

To help you out we've put together a selection of our best-selling, most popular and widely used products across our entire Roofing Tools category, giving you exactly what you need as well as a small glimpse into each of our product ranges...

Cromar Bubble Buster Laminating Roller

Brushes, Rollers & Squeegees

Eliminate bubbles and distribute ProGRP resin more evenly with the Cromar Bubble Buster Laminating roller. Comes with a ribbed metal design that helps you achieve a more even (3:1) resin to mat ratio.

Cromar Bubble Buster Laminating Roller - 10 Per Box

Cromar White Plastic Mixing Tub - 10 litres (no lids required)


Ensure the exact mixing ratio of Resin/Topcoat and Hardener with our durable 10 litre capacity mixing tub.

Cromar White Plastic Mixing Tub - 10 litres (no lids required)

CMS 9kg Pressure Seam Roller

Flat Roofing Tools

This pressure steam roller is an easy and effective way of rolling out seams on smaller size rubber roofing. Ideally used when kneeling down.

CMS 9kg Pressure Seam Roller

Calloni Gas Torch Stand

Gas Torches & Accessories

Keep your gas torch stable and upright when not in use with this sturdy torch stand from Calloni. Designed to give you peace of mind and prevent accidents and hazardous ignitions.

CMS Roofer Hardpoint Hand Saw

Hand Tools

A must-have saw for any roofer, this precision tool is suitable for most types of timber, boarding, soft plastics, plasterboard, veneers, uPVC facia board, plastic sheeting and insulation materials.

Globemaster Roofer Tape Measure Hi-Vis

Hand Tools

The Globemaster is the ultimate practical tape measure giving you accurate measurements in an ergonomic hi-vis case.

Steinel HG 2420 E Heat Gun Roofing Kit 110V - 6 Piece Set

Hot Air Guns

A robust, reliable and electronically controlled heat gun with a built-in fine dust filter that protects the internal components. Also features a motor life of 1000 hours and can easily be charged on site.

Hercules Quick Load Fishtail Trimming Knife


Made with a tough enamel finish, this multi-use trimming knife comes with a quick load facility and a retractable blade that can be refilled with any Stanley or generic utility blades.

Lyte Trade Roof Ladder

Ladders & Accessories

Manufactured in the UK from high grade aluminium, this is an essential, heavy duty trade roof ladder, adopted by many blue chip companies both nationally and internationally.

Rooftec 10" EPDM Scissors

Lead Tools

High quality scissors for all your EPDM cutting requirements.

CMS V-LIP Compound Bucket & Lid

Melting Pots & Boilers

Make pouring bitumen easy thanks to this heavy duty galvanised bucket and lid with carrying handle and side handle.

Scruffs T52175 Falcon Safety Glasses (Orange)

Safety Essentials

Swap out bulky safety goggles for the sleek, stylish and UV protective Scruffs Safety Glasses, offering professional-level durable protection and anti-fog technology.

Dimar Tile Scribe (Double Tipped)

Tile & Slate Tools

The Dimar Tile Scribe is double tipped and perfect for marking and scoring roof, wall and floor slates and tiles.

CMS Mastic Trowel


This ergonomic Mastic Trowel has a narrow, thin blade which allows for both detailed work and large surface area coverage when spreading mastic on roofs and other surfaces.

Oxyturbo Gas Compact Welding Kit

Welding Tools

The smallest autogenous welding system on the market, this powerful, professional, yet highly compact 8 piece kit is ideal for small or DIY roofing jobs.

Oxyturbo Gas Compact Welding Kit